Submission Process

Submissions are OPEN!

Submissions for Writers are now Open for the following Books Set to be Published in 2016.

By far, Horror has been our most popular theme since we began opening up submissions 5 years ago. We’re looking for short stories no more than 5 pages in length that are original, scary and also suitable for all ages (no overtly graphic language, gore, etc). Zombies are still popular, sure, but keep in mind if we’re only taking 10-12 stories we’ll be looking to keep them as varied as possible so originality helps set you from the pack. Again we’re looking for no more than a one paragraph synopsis of the story, not the entire script laid out at this point. And be if there is a ‘twist’, include it in the paragraph, don’t say ‘and you won’t believe the shocking twist on the last panel’. Keep it simple.

This issue will feature stories inspired by music. It could be anything from a slice of life story depicting someone’s first time performing a solo at school chorus or a story inspired by the events of a popular song. Be as creative as possible here but we do ask that if you are taking inspiration for a real song you limit the amount of lyrics (if any) you are going to use in the story. We are looking for no more than a one paragraph synopsis of the story, not the entire script laid out at this point.

This fourth installment continues our ongoing anti-bullying anthology aimed at younger (teen) readers. Stories can be about abuse, body image, bullying, cyber bullying, depression, homophobia, racism, violence or any other such issue that younger people are confronted with in a daily basis.

We are looking for one paragraph (no more) synopsis of a 3-4 page story that you’re interested in telling. Stories should be aimed at an all ages audience (no explicit language or images) and though the stories are dealing with serious subject matter there should be an inspirational theme about them with a positive takeaway and message of hope instead of despair.

Note- If you already send in a submission for YANA 4 during the Fall period you do NOT have to resend. Those are still being looked at.

To submit your story idea for YOU ARE NOT ALONE 4, GATHERING: HORROR 5 or GATHERING: MUSIC

-Email Editor Jason Snyder at 
-Include BOOK NAME AND VOLUME in the subject line
-Story idea should be NO MORE than ONE Paragraph long
-Identify what theme your story falls under (depression, racism, etc)
-Targeted page count (no more than 5 pages)
-Identify whether you have an artist or need an artist for your story
-Identify whether you have a letterer or need a letterer for your story

cc: Andrew Goletz at on all submissions

-All Submissions Are Due by January 31 2016. No Exceptions.



Let me answer the burning question. Unfortunately, we don’t pay. For our anthology issues there aren’t any page rates. All we can offer this time is a chance to work with a great group of editors and writers, deadlines set very far in advance to afford flexibility to do other work and a chance to be published alongside some of the finest professional and up and coming creators I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Writers and artists also retain full ownership of their work and the right to reprint the materials at their leisure and comps of your work, of course.

A few creators that have worked with us on a regular basis have been offered opportunities to do some of their own projects along with the opportunity to earn greater compensation. While I wish I could give everyone what they deserve we’re simply not able to do so at this time.

I’m very proud to have been able to give over 200 creators the opportunity to have their work published for the first time. In some cases, they were able to have their work featured in issues alongside pros like Sterling Gates, Victor Gischler, Justin Jordan,  John Jackson Miller, Mike Moreci, Gail Simone and Len Wallace. And some of our artists like Cassandra James (Valentine), Mike Lapinski (Feeding Ground) and Brent Peeples (Last of the Greats) have done major projects with other companies.

If you are a colorist or inker and interested in any possible projects down the road email Jason at Artists interested in possibly doing longer self contained work (one shots/mini-series) please email myself and Jason at the address listed above.

Thank you for your consideration. We can’t do it without you.

We are always in search of new artists. Interested parties can contact us via email. Please send a sample or a link to your work to Jason Snyder and Andrew Goletz

The opinions expressed by individual contributors to GrayHaven/The Gathering do not necessarily reflect the opinions of other contributors or the company itself. Please do be mindful of how you carry yourself online and in particular ‘criticisms’ of fellow comic book professionals. 



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