Inside the Creator’s Mind: Ignacio Segura

So other than the fact that it is truly quite an honor to be working on this anthology, amongst not only very talented people, but very close and dear friends as well, and that it is nerve-raking to be the first story you’ll ever get to see from it, what more can I say? Well, […]

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Inside the Creator’s Mind: Douglas Hahner

Before I get into my process I would like to publicly thank Donal DeLay for the tremendous work that he did. The story looks so much better than I ever could have imagined. This is a very personal story for me because it is true. The only difference between the story and real life is […]

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What’s This All About?

Three months ago I posed the question to a group of friends on the Jinxworld boards: how would you like to make a comic together? I’ve seen group projects get banded around many times before only to fall apart in the end so this time I wanted to take full control. It would involve gathering […]

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