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The Gathering: All Women 3


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The third installment of one of our most popular themes: an anthology special exclusively by some of the most talented female creators around.

40 pages. B&W. $3.50


1.00 out of 5

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  1. 1 out of 5


    Deb: So complimentary! I’m glad you liked the comic Thanks! You liked the shwoer scene? It took up a good portion of the hour so Had to include it!Mary Jane: You know, it didn’t take that long to do them really. I estimated it took between 5-10 minutes to do each segment, average 7 minutes. Not that much time, if you think about it! It was definitely one of my more prolific days. I am very honed at wasting my time, really.: ) Oh, and do you think the snacks I had were uhm, unhealthy? Just curious. I have been eating really well the last few months (losing weight!) and so nut butter (home made), artisan bread fruit is not as calorie-laden as maybe one thinks. Not to mention all those are highly nutritious. Again, just wondering. Or maybe something else I showed eating was questionable ? Look at me! Honing in on food again! Tell me, what kind of snacks do you eat? Thanks for your comment!

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