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My Life as an Irish Fanboy- Part 16

by Glenn Matchett After signing up for Jinxworld I soon found how addicting some threads known as ‘megathreads’ could be.  Essentially megathreads are casual threads where a certain group regularly meet and talk, like you would with a group of friends at a bar or at a restaurant.  One of these ‘megathreads’ was one centred […]

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My Life as an Irish Fanboy: Part 13

More Spider-Man!!! by Glenn Matchett So the decision had been made, I would catch up to the American comics and be up to date with Spider-Man for the first time ever since the closing of the small comic shop towards the end of the Mackie/Byrne run.  At this point collections had become ‘the thing’ and […]

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My Life as an Irish Fanboy: Part 11

by Glenn Matchett SPIDER-MAN Spider-Man, Spider-Man he can do whatever a spider can.  I’m not sure when was the first time I heard that tune but it probably wasn’t long after I was introduced to the character I’ve been a fan of the majority of my life.  My life as an Irish Fanboy has led […]

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My Life as an Irish Fanboy- Part 9

BATMAN by Glenn Matchett Remember when I said when my choice for favourite cartoon is complicated?  Well it is and it isn’t.  My favourite cartoon is actually all the same continuity but contains many shows with different names.  Are you confused yet?  Me too.  Let’s start at the beginning (which I’m told is a very […]

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My Life as an Irish Fanboy- Part 8

by Glenn Matchett A couple of articles ago I talked about my love for cinema, the big screen epics that can capture your imagination and inspire many to craft their own tales.  Another media passion of mine is also the small screen in the form of television shows.  I find it very easy to let […]

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