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My Comic Book Dad- 3

by Ignacio Segura Today’s article is gonna be what most people in the medium like to call a “Whole Episode Flashback”. So if you hated the last years of the Y2K, I definitely suggest getting busy with something else. I’d suggest Mudman or maybe some Vampirella. It’s all good. Also, to the people staying, you […]

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My Comic Book Dad- 2

by Ignacio Segura I believe it was either Flavius Manlius Theodorus or Ed McMahon, I’m really not sure, who once said: “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. But force-feed that fish to the man, and he will never eat fish again”. Now, I’m sure we’ve all either lived through […]

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My Comic Book Dad- 1

by Ignacio Segura So, Hi. My name is Ignacio Segura. An incredibly small percentage of you may know me as Fake Kiai. Or The Kiai. Or El Kiai. Or simply as Kiai. You may also know me as “that dude Joe Hill retweeted that one time”. And yes, I’m actually pretty proud of that. Wouldn’t […]

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