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Building the Page- 3

-by John Coker Well hello again. How was your week? Oh, mine was great, little hectic, but I’m good. Thanks for asking. Now let’s talk about panel 3, oh, and 4 while we’re at it. Mr. Hissong writes in the script- PANEL THREE: Closer in on Brick, still in the hospital bed. Eyes closed. The […]

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Building the Page – 2

by John Coker Last week I ended the first edition of this wee little column with these words- “Well, that’s Panel 1 of Page 1. Next week… PAGE ONE, PANEL 2!” So okay then, let’s get to that… Let’s start with what the script called for with panel 2: PANEL TWO: This is the flashpoint […]

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Building the Page- 11/4/11

Ever want to get inside the mind of an artist and follow their thought process as they take someone’s words and transform them into pictures? John Coker takes us behind the scenes of a story debuting in the Sci Fi issue of The Gathering… This is a four page story written by Jason Hissong titled […]

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