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Okay, it’s time for your next team challenge. You’re even at 5-5 now, so the teams will remain the same for this task. This week’s challenge is “MILKING THE FRANCHISE”. Before Watchmen was one of the most controversial comic events of 2012, using such a-list creators like Darwyn Cooke and J. Michael Straczynski to resurrect […]

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THE APPRENTICE- 2nd Challenge Completed Projects

It’s been another wild week for GrayHaven Comics’ Apprentice. Due to outside conflicts we lost two more contestants by mid week: William Levert and Forrest Helvie. Fortunately, they were on separate teams so it balanced out. Take it from the judges, these contestants took the challenge very seriously. I’ve participated and judged these types of […]

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GRAYHAVEN COMICS APPRENTICE- 1st Challenge- The Boardroom

    RAY: It’s been an interesting week. Three contestants: Lucas Barnett, Lucas Harbolt and Jim O’Riley, had to bow out for various reasons. A fourth, Tim Connelly, never turned in their final project before deadline and was eliminated from the competition. Now we are left with 14 remaining contestants so it’s Boardroom time. The […]

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THE APPRENTICE- 1st Challenge Completed Projects

We’ll be back with our thoughts later on. For now there’s plenty of reading to do with these pitches. In alphabetical order by contestant:   SHANE BERRYHILL From: “Geoff Johns” <> To: “Diane Nelson” <> Sent: Friday, July 26, 2013 12:52 PM Subject: DCU Ultimate All-Stars Dear Diane, Holy cow, Batman! Did you see how the crowd went wild […]

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THE APPRENTICE- 1st Challenge Update

We’re at the halfway point of the challenge and things are heating up. Projects are coming in. Will their eagerness help or hurt them with the judges? And in a stunning turn of events it looks like a player has already left us.   Let’s check in with the contestants…             […]

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