Holy –! An update?!

Wow, it’s been longer than I had hoped for an update, but it’s been a busy few months as I personally prepare for the birth of my second child (another girl!) and a move to a new home. Other real life issues have also popped up for both myself and some of the other GrayHaven crew, which has hindered some progress.

As many of you know, since its inception seven years ago, GrayHaven has been a labor of love for its staff. It has never been something that earns us any profit, and, in fact, almost 100% of the books have been printed from out-of-pocket costs. All of us have continued to work full-time day jobs while handling the day-to-day operations of GrayHaven (some of us live on opposite coasts or have even lived across the Atlantic). For the first few years, with a decently staffed company of eight people, the production and releases came quickly. As time passed, however, many of the crew had to move on, as real life priorities took over. Andrew, who started this whole shindig, also had to step back, and for most of 2016, I was keeping the boat afloat myself. Toward the end of the year, with the birth of my first child taking much of my time, I brought on creator workhorse Anthony Richichi to help with production, and long-time contributor and editor Erica Heflin continued to help where she could, but as of now, we’re still staffed by a skeleton crew. Our goal, of course, is to continue to bring you the best indie stories in the market and give newcomers a chance to see their work published. I’m hopeful for what is to come, and I hope to be able to bring some more people aboard to help with the day-to-day operations soon, but my priority right now is to get the remaining three anthologies out, which brings me to the next bit…

The first of our upcoming releases: YOU ARE NOT ALONE 4. What started as a massive volume of stories will, unfortunately, need be cut to a more manageable size for its release due to production costs with our printer. I don’t want to bore you with the logistics, but with well over eighty pages of material, printing these in one volume would cost far more than it did previously, and since printing costs come out of pocket, that’s not feasible at this time. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that all the stories WILL see print…in both YOU ARE NOT ALONE 4 and YOU ARE NOT ALONE 5. We will simply be splitting the book into two volumes, which cuts back on the costs quite a bit. Even better, there likely won’t be any interruption between the two releases. These books should come out pretty close together.

The solution isn’t ideal, but it’s what works to get these books printed, and now that this is something we’re aware of, we’ll be looking into more options to keep this from being a future issue. HORROR 5 will also likely have to be cut into two, and now that the last story has finally been turned in, the post-production should be starting up soon. MUSIC should follow after that, likely in early 2018 (though I’d still love to get it out this year, if it works out that way).

Anyway, this was initially supposed to be a short update, but since it had been over three months since the last update, I needed to play catch-up in word count (ha!). Once again, I appreciate everyone’s patience, as I know it hasn’t been easy, but those of you who have stuck with us the last seven years, both creators and fans, truly make this whole thing worth it.

See you in the funny pages!

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