Website Back Up and Mini Update on Upcoming Releases

And we’re back!

For the better part of a month, the website has been down, but we’ve finally worked out the kinks, and everything should be back up to speed. Thank you again to everyone who inquired about the site and for remaining patient as we worked through the issues.

We’re now entering the second quarter of 2017. Steampunk 2 is still available in our web store. You Are Not Alone 4 will be heading to the printer soon. I have one or two more stories to receive from creators for both Horror 5 and Music, and then Anthony should be completing the post-production work for both of those titles. I’d expect YANA 4 to be out in late May/early June. Horror 5 and Music should be out sometime after that, likely toward the end of Summer. There will be one or two other projects I won’t mention at this time that should be out around then as well, but when we’re ready to announce them, you’ll see it here and on the social media sites.

For those who have been asking, yes, there will be a new submissions period, but I’ve mainly been waiting to get us caught up on the books that have been running late so that we can start with a blank slate, with new staff in place. Hopefully this will rectify any future delays. Tentatively, expect submissions in the Fall.

Please continue to send in feedback, as we value each and every one of you and what you want to see from us. I’m also still looking for artists, inkers, and letterers for our anthologies, so even if there isn’t any current work, I know we’ll definitely be utilizing you for our next group of anthologies.

Anyway, thank you again for staying with us, and continue to check back here and on social media for future updates!

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