Changing of the Guard

It’s been seven years since I formed GrayHaven Comics with nothing but a hope and dream, assistance from a couple dozen talented pals and the determination to MAKE it happen.

What a wild ride it has been.

There have been lows: editors and production people leaving, books running late, the self-doubt that occurs when selling your product in front of convention goers with very few passers by taking the time to give you a shot and the worst of the worst- delays on books and shipping mistakes to buyers (an issue that was much improved but still an issue nonetheless).

Still, it can’t take away from those highs: working with some of your best friends around, making new friends through the blood, sweat and tears, seeing hundreds of creators get their work published for the first time in our pages, working with professional creators who donated their time to give us a boost, seeing our own amateur creators move onto bigger and better things, winning the creator of the year award for YOU ARE NOT ALONE… hell, YOU ARE NOT ALONE becoming a thing will always be that highpoint if not for the sad fact that it needed a reason to exist in the first place.

The website hasn’t been updated in awhile. Same goes for Twitter and Facebook. While most of the team have had to pull back for health or personal reasons, Jason Snyder has been the glue holding things together for the better part of the past year. Without he and Erica Heflin working tirelessly behind the scenes I have no doubt there wouldn’t be a GrayHaven Comics anymore. But they have and there will be. Jason pretty much has YOU ARE NOT ALONE 4, HORROR 5 and MUSIC anthologies ready to drop over the next few months. YOU ARE NOT ALONE 4 will be out in 2016 and we’re likely going to set the rest of the anthologies for early 2017 but they are nearing the end of production and they are still coming.

While I have been a bit more hands off of GrayHaven for the past several months for many different reasons they’ve kept things going and Jason in particular has the fire and enthusiasm and craziness (you need some of that to do this) that reminds me of the early days of the company and that’s why I’m very happy to say that effective immediately Jason Snyder WILL BE GrayHaven and taking it into the future.

Jason will take over as the Editor in Chief supervising all of the anthology projects from THE GATHERING to YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Erica Heflin is remaining on board as the Special Projects Editor and she has some great things coming up including the long awaited book, THE AFTER. Joining the team will be a frequent contributor and one hell of an artist, Anthony Richichi, who will be the Production Supervisor.

Jason and Erica have been a part of GrayHaven for a long time and they both have some wonderful ideas on how things could be improved and re-energized. Along with Anthony, I think the place is in great hands and look forward to helping them however I can, in getting their new vision achieved.

One Response to Changing of the Guard

  1. Jenny Gorman October 5, 2016 at 10:44 am #

    Great Guys! Way to keep on trucking and come out strong! I’m looking forward to see what you guys put out this year!

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