The Grayhaven Comics Staff Spotlight


We’ll spend the next few weeks featuring some of our incredible staff members who volunteer their time and energy into putting together GrayHaven’s comic line. As a group we’re from assorted backgrounds and even different parts of the world, but we share a passion for creating comics and helping others to bring their comics dreams to life!

Name: Doug Hahner   Position: Writer/Editor


How did you come to be involved with Grayhaven Comics?

It started on a comic book message board.  I made friends with some cool people with similar interests, and when the opportunity to create a book together came up I jumped at the chance. 

We all wear many hats at Grayhaven. Of the jobs you have to do, what do you find most rewarding?

To be a bit narcissistic I really like having my writing out there for people to read.  I love getting the feedback and growing as a writer.

I also love finding new people to collaborate with, be it teaming a writer and artist on a book I’ve edited, or working with an artist on something I’ve written.

We’ve all made appearances at different conventions. What is your favorite part of the convention experience? Your least favorite part?

My favorite part of the cons is having a chance to hang out with fellow Grayhaven people, and meeting readers.

My least favorite part is the hard sell.  I’m not very good at it, but I do feel strongly about the books that we’ve put out, and hopefully the work sells itself.

Of what GrayHaven projects are you most proud? Why?

I’m immensely proud of My Geek Family.  It is an autobiographical book about my family that I hope other young families can relate to.  As proud as I am of writing the book, I’m 100 times more impressed by the art of Donal Delay.  Donal seems to have been born to draw my family.  His use of facial expressions is perfect.

Editing wise, I have a soft spot for our first Western volume.  The stories just came together in a package that I’m really proud to have my name on.

Western Cover jpg

Are there any other works – be they comics, literary, or art related – that you’re working on?

I’m currently working on a sequel to My Geek Family, called My Geek Family Vacation.

What kinds of comics do you enjoy reading and why?

I still love superhero books.  It’s what I grew up reading and it’s what I still have on my bookshelf.  I also love introducing my favorite heroes to my sons.  It’s great to see them picking up books on their own, and following their favorite characters.

What are you current top five books to pick up?

I’m so far behind on my monthly reading, but the last five collections and graphic novels that I read and loved are:

Spider-Verse by Tons and Tons of wonderful creators

Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire (it’s a few years old, but I’ve re-read it a multiple times).

Multiversity by Grant Morrison and a bunch of fantastic artists (this is the last series I read monthly, and each and every issue made my brain melt in wonderful ways)

Justice League 3000 by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, and Howard Porter (it’s not the greatest series being produced, but I’m a big fan of Giffen & DeMatteis’ old Justice League run with Kevin Maguire, and this series is getting better with each issue I read (2 collections are out so far).)

Moon Knight by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey (I love single issue stories, and their run together was nothing but single issue stories.)

How were you first introduced to the comics medium?

Before I could even read I remember seeing a Spider-Man comic book and loving the bright colors and this guy in a really cool costume.  I was hooked ever since.

Do you have aspiritions to be a professional in the comics industry?

My goal going into this was to have an OGN published by TopShelf.  While TopShelf is no longer a solo entity that is still my goal.

What is the fundamental advice you’d like to give to all up-and-coming comics creators?

Comics are collaborative.  You need to trust your partners, and listen to what they say.  Everyone is working together to make the best product possible.  If you disagree with something talk it out, and usually you’ll find something even better than your original idea.

MGF09 jpg

MGF13 web


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