The GrayHaven Mid Year Update

For the first six months of 2015 we had several people asking if we went under. No new books. Lack of posts. They assumed we met the same fate as hundreds (thousands?) of other small press comic companies.

The goal always was to start slow this year and fine tune some things that fell by the wayside. I got a little full of myself and encouraged an aggressive publishing schedule the past few years that we just couldn’t meet and the quality of the books suffered. The worst part was that issues with the site’s ordering system along with a frantic schedule caused orders to get delayed…very delayed.

We were determined to refocus our energies on making the ordering system fool proof and made sure all outstanding orders were fulfilled or refunded. Our publishing schedule for 2015 and 2016 was more conservative so that we could focus on making the books we do put out the best products we’ve ever done. We also officially put a system in place to give creators comp copies of their work. It was happening on an infrequent basis but we wanted to make sure something as simple and necessary as a comp wasn’t lose in the shuffle. The goal was also to try and put out more self contained work as opposed to just anthologies so creators could have the chance to earn money for their work. Imagine that.

Now it’s all starting to come together.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE 2, the follow up to our popular anti bullying anthology debuted in April followed by the release of our Horror/Western OGN.

In June the long awaited, full color, all ages monster fest, LI’L KAIJU was released. It’s such a fun book. We’ve put out a lot of all ages books but this is easily my favorite and it’s a theme we’ll revisit again

July will see the release of Travis Holyfield and Edward Whatley’s DOBER-MAN 2, the full color, all ages, homage/parody/lovefest of all things Silver Age comics/and 60s Batman. The team has outdone themselves and if this book doesn’t put them on the map I don’t know what will. While You Are Not Alone is our most important project, Dober-Man is my favorite and the book most like what you’d find on any comic store shelf.

In the Fall, some familiar anthologies will return with SCI FI 3 and STEAMPUNK, two of our most popular themes. With those releases will also come (late September/October) our annual Open Submissions period, the opportunity for new creators to have a chance to pitch their stories and become one of the several hundred new voices we’ve promoted over the years.

It looks like Victor Gischler and Patrick Macchi’s Sci Fi/Western epic mini series, TITANIUM STAR will finally be released at the end of the year. Issue 1 is finished and issues 2 and 3 are penciled and inked. This book is going to blow people away.

So while the first half of 2015 was a slow and steady as we tried to fix our mistakes and rededicate ourselves to putting out awesome comics, the second half is seeing the releases of some of the best projects we’ve ever put out.

The last project I want to talk about is one that also debuts in the Fall: YOU ARE NOT ALONE 3. Yes, the 3rd volume of the anti bullying anthology is almost complete and will be printed in September. We’ve learned from past mistakes with Kickstarters and weren’t going to do any more until the completed project was done so people didn’t have to wait close to a year for their rewards.

The You Are Not Alone books have been requested by schools, libraries, and youth organizations. We have been able to overprint and ship out free and discounted copies to those who need them because of the success of our crowdfunding campaigns and we’re in the middle of another

Pledge to YOU ARE NOT ALONE here- You Are Not Alone 3 Kickstart

Fans of our company and our comics have supported us for years through purchases on the site, convention appearances, and crowdfunding and without you we wouldn’t be here. Heck, the slowdown in the first half of this year did not help the finances. But we are committed to putting out the best comics we can as well as continuing to offer newer creators opportunities.

Small press companies and creators survive because of the passion and support of fans like yourself so please continue to spread the word. Share our crowdfunding links. Tell people about out online store and comics. Encourage comic review sites to cover our books. It’s all the difference between success and failure.

For the first time in months I’m confident about our products and our company again. And now I can safely tell you all the same.

The best is yet to come


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