We’ll spend the next few weeks featuring some of our incredible staff members who volunteer their time and energy into putting together GrayHaven’s comic line. As a group we’re from assorted backgrounds and even different parts of the world, but we share a passion for creating comics and helping others to bring their comics dreams to life!

This time out we talk to writer/editor Ray Goldfield

The Grayhaven Comics Staff Spotlight

Name: Ray Goldfield

Position: Writer/Editor

How did you come to be involved with Grayhaven Comics?

I’ve been involved since day one, when Andrew asked a bunch of friends on a message board if we wanted to be involved in an anthology comic he was putting together. I started out as a writer before being asked to join the editorial staff a few years later.  

We all wear many hats at Grayhaven. Of the jobs you have to do, what do you find most rewarding?

My favorite part of the editing process is easily submissions. It’s so fascinating to see people’s ideas at their very beginning, although it is a challenge to sift through them and pare them down. I hate rejecting people, but there’s nothing more satisfying than picking out a truly great pitch. 

We’ve all made appearances at different conventions. What is your favorite part of the convention experience? Your least favorite part?

Can I say the hot brisket sandwich at Mendy’s at NYCC? No? Okay, then probably meeting fans coming up to the table and hearing what they thought of the work. This goes double for You Are Not Alone, which affected some people in really powerful ways. 

Of what Grayhaven projects are you most proud? Why?

As an editor, probably Hey Kids! Fantasy, which had a great selection of stories that I’m really proud of. As a writer, easily my YANA story, which combined a lot of themes that mean a lot to me. It was a challenge to boil a story that spans 70 years into four pages, but I think it came out great with the aid of some strong editors helping me refine it. 

Are there any other works – be they comics, literary, or art related – that you’re working on? 

I finished my first Young Adult novel in recent months, and I am currently shopping it around to agents. It’s a sci-fi fantasy novel themed around the mythology of Atlantis. I’m currently in the planning phases on my second book, a Middle Grade novel set in my favorite location, the American Museum of Natural History. 


What kinds of comics do you enjoy reading and why? 

It would be easier to say what I don’t love! Superhero comics will always be my first love, but recently I’ve started getting into indie comics in all genres. I have a particular love for genre horror, such as haunted house thrillers or genre horrors. 

What are you current top five books to pick up?

Southern Bastards, Batman, Magneto, Spider-Gwen, Alex + Ada. With a bonus pick for Lumberjanes, the best all-ages book on the market. 

How were you first introduced to the comics medium?

My first comic was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book from Archie when I was seven, but it wasn’t until a year later and Superman died that I really became a collector in earnest. I haven’t stopped since, and have read Superman for 24 years without break. 

Do you have aspirations to be a professional in the comics industry? 

Absolutely, although I really aim to write fiction professionally in any field. It may be comics, it may be novels, it may be both, but I am determined to get my ideas out there. 

What is the fundamental advice you’d like to give to all up-and-coming comics creators?

Write! All the advice in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t sit down and start hitting those keys. Learning the craft is good, of course, but the only way to refine your writing is to write the stories in your head, and then refine them with the help of editors you can trust. Then take what you learned, and write some more. 


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