A Note On Comic Orders

After the great response to the new look of the site I’m sorry to have to write this post but there’s still a big bit of housekeeping that needs to be dealt with and it’s the easiest way to get the message out to those who’ve been negatively impacted.

Back in the Fall of 2014 we had a lot of issues with the site. Between an unusual amount of spam and crazy emails being sent through the contact form I figured there was a major glitch or a hack. I thought we resolved most of the issues but apparently we did not. Orders would be placed and I would not get the information sent to me about the orders (which is typically how I fill all orders.

It’s supposed to work like this:

An order is placed and I get an email with all the information about the order from name and address to which books are ordered and any special instructions.

Well I wasn’t getting that information.

Worse yet, it seemingly affected the contact page as well so anyone emailing to say ‘hey when is this book coming in?’ would not have their email go through. It wasn’t in my junk mail or anything, for the most part it didn’t get to me, period.

I only discovered there was a problem thanks to some frequent customers or contributors that were able to email me directly.

At the end of 2014 I found a great guy to redevelop the site and clean things up. It seems to have done the trick but with everything that happened things may have fallen through the cracks. In recent weeks a few people have been able to reach out and get in touch with me and I have been able to resolve the issues with the books or even refunds.

Your business is everything to us. And when we’re talking about a company where we’re thrilled for a book to sell a couple hundred copies we NEED to make it right. I believe that the problems have all been addressed with the ordering system and contact form. I am in the process now of getting all the outstanding orders fulfilled.

Now I don’t think there is a huge systemic problem where there are hundreds of lost orders out there. Thankfully, we didn’t have many new books for sale until the tail end of the year and some people were able to address it directly. So while I’m hopeful that this error effects less than a dozen people or so, any number is too high.

I am asking anyone who has not received an order to email me at gatheringanthology@hotmail.com with what they ordered (along with their address). If you know your order number or approximate date of order it’ll help me research it that much quicker or I can simply get a refund out.

Again we apologize for any of these issues. I apologize for these issues.

I have complete faith that we’ve been able to resolve the errors and restore the system to where it needs to be and hope you will continue to order your books and support GrayHaven Comics with ease.


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