2014 State of the Haven Address


What a year it’s been.

The first volume of our anti bullying anthology, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, was released in January and the response was overwhelmingly positive. I still hear from people who have been helped by the stories within those pages and I’m so very proud to have been able to speak to teachers, councilors and law enforcement about getting copies into the hands of those who could benefit.

We published a hell of a lot of comics this year with long awaited anticipated books MY GEEK FAMILY and SPARKS finally being released along with the final issues of MOTHER AND SON, the collected LIGHTNING TRIANGLE and more than half a dozen issues of THE GATHERING anthology. 15 books in all released this year and we have several more to go before 2014 is a wrap.

This year also featured our Comixology debut with DOBER-MAN, followed by MY GEEK FAMILY and MOTHER AND SON with more GrayHaven comics set to hit the digital store soon.

Knowing that January will mark the 5th anniversary of GrayHaven Comics, I’d been working with the editors on some special projects for next year along with web designers and folks not affiliated with the company to make improvements from everything to our comics and where we present at cons to the website and our ordering system and everything in between.

The process has been slow. There are still some orders that haven’t gone through (either because the data wasn’t received on our end or an error on my part). Correcting that is really priority #1. We’ve also slowly begun to make changes to the website and by the end of the year you’ll be able to have a much better interface, easier time ordering books and better content with more frequent updates. The website will really begin to act as the hub for which this whole thing is built around.

In 2015 we’ll be putting out less anthologies and more self contained work including a project that’s been in the planning stages for nearly a year and is something we’ve never attempted before. And while we may not have as many issues of THE GATHERING for newer creators to contribute to we believe that some of the changes to the company and the website and social platforms will actually make it easier for newer creators to become a part of the process.

Before we can turn the page and start YEAR FIVE (and seriously, I can’t believe it’s been 5 years) there’s some old business that needs to be finished up.

We’ve reached out to (what should be) anyone that’s been affected by late books. I think we’ve managed to track everything down and the books should be in hand in the next couple of weeks or in some cases, refunded.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE 2 hit a few snags but, you know, I’d rather have the book late and have to do refunds than have it come out quick and be filled with errors. It should be at the printers within the next week or two and I’m hoping that at the very least, Kickstart backers will have copies by the end of the year before we put it on sale for the site.

THE GATHERING: WESTERN 2 and NOIR are nearly complete. THE GATHERING FAITH and TIME TRAVEL will now be a flip book style edition and that is also nearing completion. HIGH SEAS, TERRIBLE JOBS and REDEMPTION have been merged into GATHERING: MOSAIC , as there weren’t enough completed stories for single volumes. All of these should be out by year’s end to clean the plate, so to speak.

THE GRAYHAVEN APPRENTICE 2 challenge is still coming. We wanted to make sure everyone had enough time to work on it and show off some pages of Jared Moore’s book (last year’s winner). APPRENTICE 2 will begin right after the New Year.

There’s still quite a bit that’s left on the table to take care of before this year comes to an end but knowing what’s right around the corner has all of us here ridiculously excited about the future.

Stay tuned….


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