The BIG BIG GrayHaven Comics Sale



It’s so massive we wrote ‘Big’ twice.

In nearly 5 years we’ve put out over 60 different comics featuring the work of several hundred creators.

In 2015 to celebrate our 5th Anniversary we’re going to be doing some very cool things here at GrayHaven. It’s still a bit too early to talk about it right now but there are some projects currently in the works that I’m extremely excited to show off next year.

That said one thing we need to to do is make room for newer inventory/newer books. This sale is designed to give newer readers a cheap excuse to try some of our books and existing readers an opportunity to catch up. It’ll also clear out some older stock.

All of our books have been discounted, some by 50 cents, some by a dollar but most of the books on the site are now available for under a buck. You just can’t beat that!

One tip for those looking to really stockpile A LOT of books. If you order more than 10 books you may get an error message. If that’s the case you need to split the order into two. It is a pain, but I’m working to fix that little issue now.

Thanks for your support. Enjoy our books. And I can’t wait to talk more about NEXT year!


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