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I’ve always loved superhero comics. I grew up with superheroes and while I’m an Independant creator I still have  a love for them. Of course, with ten different books featuring Batman or Spider-Man on the cover how can you expect your creator owned hero to get noticed?

It’s a hard road but not impossible because like any other story it all depends on how its told and what your comic can offer fans all those other superhero books perhaps aren’t offering. In their kickstart new small press company GODHOOD comics looks to have their own comics with all new heroes with a difference. They’re starting out with a team book in ‘Mightyman and the club of heroes.’

Their kickstarter (link here: gives more info about the project and background about a superhero verse where you have the opportunity to get in at the ground floor. Looking to set themselves apart from the pack, GODHOOD intends to build a universe of new heroes for a new generation of fans and also provide something that people such as myself that have been fans of the medium for years something they have never seen before.

Offering great rewards in an attempt to make their 5K goal, GODHOOD offers people a chance to really be a part of this new universe. Ever wanted to create a hero or a villain or a sidekick? It seems that GODHOOD might be the answer you’ve been looking for all these years and they have great opportunities for up and coming creators who like them are just trying to set themselves apart from everyone else that has a book on the stands. This gives people an opportunity unlike any project I’ve highlighted before because it gives you an opportunity to add to a whole new world and be a part of a comic company that is just beginning. Imagine if you could be at the start of Marvel, DC or Image and although it may sound like a lofty goal it may be like the heroes they are publishing that where GODHOOD is concerned the sky may be the limit.

More info about the great opportunities presented are at the link above and it seems that much like GrayHaven, GODHOOD is looking to help creators achieve their dreams.

To tell us more about the Kickstarter, the book and Godhood I caught up with founder Tyler Martin!


GHC:  Tell us more about yourself how did you get into comics in general?

TYLER: I’m kinda this guy from an urban area where comics are so taboo. I wasn’t the comic book nerd in school but the jock that read comics and demanded if anybody had a problem with it lol. I’m a black sheep, my friends blast rap music and I just sit and read comics. I’ve always loved cartoons, anything that wasn’t real interested me. Dr. Sues, where the wild things are ect. I remember I use to not like reading, it was just so horrid for me. My teacher suggested that I read something I was interested in. It wasn’t hard because the 90’s where dominated with superhero cartoons. The X-men series sold me and I thought not only do I want to read these but how cool would it be to write my own!

GHC: How did GODHOOD comics come about?  What inspired you to have your own comic company?  

TYLER: I thought that it was time for new material. The big two by all means have my respects and praises but 75 years is a long time. It gives a lot of time for ideas and a lot of time to run out of them. It’s only so much you can do with the same characters. I’ve literally watched characters die and be revived dozens of times. I wanted to bring a new breed of characters to an upcoming generation. Comics and novels are responsible for so much of today’s media, cartoons, movies, tv shows it’s time to get back to why we love them. New is always necessary.

GHC: What is involved in running a company, even small press?  What advice/guidance would you give to those perhaps are looking to set up their own imprint?

TYLER: It’s takes a lot of hard work and dedication, you’ve gotta be sure that it’s what you really wanna do. It becomes the only thing that matters. After all the legal woes are taken care of have fun! Building this universe with my team is more rewarding than any financial gain. Stay positive, anything that can happen will happen.
GHC: How important has Kickstarter been at the genesis of GODHOOD and how do you think its changed the industry in general?

TYLER: I think the kickstarter is just raising awareness more than funds. Even if we don’t reach our goal we’ve certainly let people know that Godhood is here to stay. People are ready for new! Even die hard loyalists. I can’t stress enough how important it is for any industry to maintain fresh and new material. New music artist, new actors, new athletes, for these industries it’s a yearly ritual they know that general public demands such. It’s imperative to the thriving of any business and we’ve got to make comics relevant again.
GHC: How did the idea of Mightyman and the Club of Heroes come around?

TYLER:  I created ‘’Mightyman” in 5th grade. I remember playing “superheroes” with the neighborhood kids and we kinda put this live action role playing team together and we called it “The Mighty Club” I realized how lame that was lol and just went cliché “The Club Of Heroes” just stuck it for me. The rest was history.
GHC: Tell us more about the characters and their creators.

TYLER: Godhood is in its infancy we currently have a roster of 216 characters all created by me currently. But I’ve built a team of about 12 writers and artist each with their own ideas that we plan on publishing so the roster will forever grow. What’s great about these characters is that you literally haven’t seen them before! I mean c’mon we’ve got a blind archer!
GHC: The industry is over packed with superhero comics.  What sets this book apart?

TYLER:  They’re new! They’re different! There are components to our characters that you really haven’t seen before. It’s a little more realistic  I think, our heroes won’t always win. In fact unless they can lift a city block like Mega Woman they probably will have a bit of trouble. Our Villains have stories that we delve into. They weren’t born to be killers, some where teachers, diplomats and even a president. It’s gonna be exciting to see how ordinary citizens or bystanders you see in the issues turn into our heroes worst nightmares due to their own worldly struggles.
GHC: Where can people learn more about Godhood comics?

TYLER:  Our Website is or like our page on Facebook at Godhood Comics. Also feel free to email us any questions or concerns you may have at
GHC: What other books do you have in the planning stages outside of superheros?  Can you give us something juicy to look forward to?

TYLER: I Don’t want to spoil much, but Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t really die on that motel balcony, instead it was faked. He was needed elsewhere, off world if you will 😉
GHC: What indie book should we all be reading?

TYLER: Mega Woman!!! She’s literally my favorite character her story is so powerful we watch this urban female with daddy issues handle the powers of superman! She’s not this girl scout she breaks bones, and relies on nothing but her strength. It’s out this month so visit our website for updates.



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