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Over the course of the nearly 5 years we’ve been putting out comics we’ve successfully launched 7 crowdfunding campaigns (8 if you count our current one). The successful campaigns have helped ensure that our books go on. We’ve also been able to increase our presence at Comic Cons and upgrade the quality of our booth space to make it more appealing to foot traffic.

We’re currently in the middle of our ‘Summer Bash’ crowdfund, a campaign to offset some of the business costs of the past year which includes the previously mentioned booth additions.

Kickstart Link- http://kck.st/VTmzJe

You can see below the new table skirts and banners. Not to mention all of the dozens of books we’ve published.



Almost 5 years of publishing over 50 different comics and featuring nearly 300 different comic creators within our pages. Often these creators have had their first printed work in our comics. It’s been an incredible journey and we’re proud of what we’ve put out, especially recent more self contained books like DOBER-MAN, MY GEEK FAMILY,  MOTHER AND SON, and SPARKS.

But without having the luxury of our comics in stores our sales come through this site’s online store and these comic conventions with the occassional store signing and all that costs money, especially if we want to keep upgrading. That’s why these Kickstarters are essential to our business. They help infuse cash into the system so we’re able to afford to take risks with a more aggressive publishing schedule, attend cons, give away books and look good doing so.

We reached goal in less than 72 hours and that was awesome.

We hit our first stretch goal which means we’ll be printing our Young Reader LIL KAIJU book in full color.



Then we just recently hit the second stretch goal which gives all backers a free digital calendar we like to call 50 SHADES OF GRAY HAVEN.

With less than 5 days  to go we really want to push this crowdfund because even though the initial goal has been hit there’s still so much more we can do if we hit more marks.

Now that we hit our two big stretch goals we are looking to give a nice little bonus to the artists responsible for DOBER-MAN, MY GEEK FAMILY, MOTHER AND SON, and SPARKS. The talents behind those books don’t get nearly enough praise or monetary reward and considering the excellent reviews for those books it’s a shame. So what we gain from this point on is being split up between them

And believe me we know money is tight. We’ve set up this latest Kickstarter to include cool rewards from the 5 dollar mark (PDF) to 500 dollars (every book we’ve published and a conversation with the Irish) and a whole lot of things in between like signed copies of MY GEEK FAMILY and MOTHER AND SON, exclusive Variant covers to YOU ARE NOT ALONE, a chance to have some of our awesome artists illustrate your short story, editorial reviews and more. Every pledge helps get us closer to the next goal.

And if you aren’t able to pledge during the duration of this crowdfund, repost this article. Share the link on social media. Share the link to the Kickstarter and talk about how cool of a project this is. Spreading the word and encouraging others to support us is just as beneficial as sending a pledge in yourself.

If you’re looking for an ongoing way you can support what we’re doing aside from the one and done Kickstarters we have set up a Patreon listing which also has some fun rewards.  http://www.patreon.com/GrayHavenComics

Hundreds of new creators would not have been published without your support. More than 50 comics, including our anti bullying anthology YOU ARE NOT ALONE would not exist without your support. It makes a difference and it means a lot so on behalf of all of those who have benefited from GrayHaven I thank you here’s that link again- http://kck.st/VTmzJe


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