Open Submission Time For Writers

…is HERE!

This September will be the next Open Submission period for writers, which is always a popular time of year around here. This will be the final time we do open submissions under the current system/guidelines so we’re going big

The  titles announced for the Open Submission period are-

GATHERING- SCI FI 3- One of our more popular themes from the Gathering anthology gets a 3rd installment

GATHERING- SPIES 2- Another popular theme returns for a follow up installment

YOU ARE NOT ALONE 3- Our anti-bullying anthology continues this time we’re looking for young readers (age 8 to 18) to write the stories.

HEY KIDS: ROBOTS- Interestingly enough this is the 2nd title that we’re looking to have created only by readers under 18.

LIMITLESS- STEAMPUNK 2- One of the most popular anthologies we’ve done is back for a second installment.

All of these stories should be between 2 and 5 pages in length. You do not need to have an artist attached (but it helps) and please indicate whether you have an artist or not in the submission

Submissions will end on October 5th, 2015 and the next open period for writers won’t occur until September of NEXT year.


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