Last year we at GrayHaven Comics decided to create our most important project to date. The result was YOU ARE NOT ALONE, a 180 page anthology that covers many of the issues youth face today including bullying, depression, homophobia, racism, and violence.

Over 60 talented writers and artists joined us to tell 3-5 page stories centered around these topics with messages of hope and tolerance. Several months ago I proudly accepted a reward for Comic Creator of the Year by Geekadelphia for my work on this project.

After a successful Kickstart project last year our books have finally gone out to backers and school and youth organizations interested in carrying copies of the book for those who would gain the most use out of it

Now we want to let everyone else know that the project exists and have now made the book available on our website for anyone to purchase-


Now that the project is out and available we really want to get the word out to as many outlets as possible. We want individual readers to be able to pick up the book but also any other schools, libraries or youth organizations that may find the information helpful.

If you are a school, youth organization or library and would like a free copy of the print version of the book please contact me at And please feel free to pass the word along to your own local organizations. We want to reach as many people as possible.

If you are interested in reviewing YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I would be happy to be able to provide a PDF copy of the book and of course would be more than willing to do an interview should you find the topic of interest.

We are currently putting together the 2nd volume of YOU ARE NOT ALONE with more hopefully to follow. Thank you for your support throughout this project.


Andrew Goletz

Publisher/GrayHaven Comics

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