GrayHaven’s Big Release Week!

As you know we suffered a big setback last spring when our printer of the last few years went out of business. It left us scrambling to find a replacement and knocked us off schedule by a pretty substantial pace.

Thanks to the incredible efforts by our awesome editorial and production team alone with our awesome new printer at Comix Well Spring we’re back on pace.

To celebrate we’ve sent SEVEN books to the printer (which include stories by the likes of Sterling Gates and John Jackson Miller) and made them available to order this week. They are:

Tales fromt the Abyss #3.  The 3rd installment of our 5 issue horror anthology features the talents of Sterling Gates, Glenn Matchett, Marc Lombardi, Travis Holyfield, Jared Moore, Erica Heflin, Amanda Rachels, Kell Smith, Jon Clark, Alex Cormack, Alan Anguiano, William Levert, and Nick Francis. Cover by Nick Francis.

The Gathering: Sci Fi 2– The follow up to one of our most popular anthologies ever features stories by John Jackson Miller, Marc Lombardi, Jason Snyder, Powell Cobb, Natalie Zutter, Wes Locher, Edward Whatley, BC Wehman, Darren Hupke, Rhiannon Rose, Gary Chudleigh, Kelly Williams, Matt Sumislaski, Alana Lane, Don Cardenas, Michael Nigro, Dillon McGuire, Vincent Tang, Eric Lee, Kell Smith, Devin Drover and Zachary Zemantic. Cover by Edward Whatley

Sci Fi 2 cover

The Gathering: War– Features over a dozen stories from today’s up and coming indie writers and artists including Marc Deschamps, Leigh Walls, Erica Heflin, Donna Letterese, Ryan Schrodt, Scott Sackett, Ben Christian, Kelly Williams, Blas Bigatti, Nick Francis, Patrick Brusnahan, Thomas Dorreen, Ray Goldfield, Milan Andjelkovic, Sean Leonard, Earl Geier, William Levert, Erik Korsgaard, Mark Lombardi, Jim O’Riley, Tim Nakayama and James Roberts. Cover by Jim O’Riley

war cover

Hey Kids! Zoo– A very special full color, self contained Hey Kids comic  written by Erica Heflin and illustrated by Andre Rissano.


Dober-Man– A new hero for the ages. The Canine Crusader. Created by Travis Holyfield and Edward Whatley, the Dober-Man one shot is a full color action adventure in the silver age tradition. Perfect for young readers and long time adult comic fans.


The Collected Kid Robo– The popular webcomic created by Marc Deschamps and Chris Chamberlain is collected at last. This issue features an original cover by Paula Cob. With orders of $50 or more you can get the limited variant edition cover as well.


Living with Death #1–  This long awaited new Phase Two series is a classic  murder mystery written by Glenn Matchett and illustrated by Alan Anguiano



Also check out the rest of our Phase Two titles!! We’re dropping the price on these books to 1.99 for the rest of the week to celebrate the launches!!!


11:59– It was a typical school day…until the faculty turned into a pack of bloodthirsty monsters. What? How? Why? And what will the students do when faced with the possibility of being the last survivors of the apocalypse. Written by Andrew Goletz and illustrated by Nick Francis with gray shading by Sean Fagan. Cover colors by Erin DuPont. Lettering by April Brown

Cover 1 prep

Run Like Hell– Adapted from the acclaimed YA Thriller by Elena Andrews comes RUN LIKE HELL, the comic. Stranded on a dark, desolate road with no money, no gas and a dead cell phone, Morgan makes a decision with dangerous consequences. Now she must fight, claw, scratch and scream…and then run like hell to survive.But will she get away? Written by Elena Andrews and illustrated by George Amaru

RLH web


We’re back on schedule making the comics YOU want to read and there is A LOT more to come.

You can order any GrayHaven Comics Here:

Thank you for your support!

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