GRAYHAVEN COMICS APPRENTICE- Challenge 7 – Completed Projects


Let’s get down to their pitches.


The Spider Wife
Fairy Tale – 4 Pages

A lonely woodcutter raises an old boot, ready to smash a spider he has found in his cabin. The spider pleads with him to spare its life and in return it will deliver to him a bride. Intrigued by the offer the woodcutter agrees and lets the spider free. Soon a beautiful woman comes to the woodcutter’s door and agrees to be his marry him, with the condition that once a week she must spend a day in the forest alone. Not believing it to be safe in the deep woods the he secretly follows her, bringing along his axe. After a long walk he witnesses his wife shed her skin, revealing the spider –now large and bloated – underneath. The spider climbs up into a large web containing several human bodies. As it approaches a still-living but emaciated woman, the woodcutter slays it with his axe and frees its prey. After caring for her and nursing her back to health the woodcutter and woman slowly fall in love and wed.

Stop the Wind
Hope – 4 Pages

A young man and woman walk arm-in-arm down the main street of their small Midwestern town. The clouds have begun to turn dark, but the couple hardly notices. As they turn a corner they are attacked by an anthropomorphic tornado, grabbing the woman with its large hands and tossing her into his mouth. The man puts up a small fight, but is slapped away. He begs the fleeing residents to help him rescue his lover, but they only hide. The young man tackles the tornado to the ground and pummels him as the townsfolk watch from their barricaded windows. The tornado picks the man up, but before he can eat him he is stopped by the armed townsfolk; inspired by the young man bravery. Slicing open the tornado the young woman is freed and the townsfolk dismember and burn the tornado as the couple embraces.

Who Killed The Dead Detective?
Pulp – 4 Pages

The Dead Detective’s story is narrated by various radios and sound systems transmitting a radio drama. The Detective wanders the dark streets of New Orleans. Once a proud private investigator he is now practically a skeleton, haunted by a voodoo curse to find his killer and deliver swift justice upon them. Tonight he quickly dispatches of a mugger before stopping outside of an apartment building. Looking up at a window he watches a woman as she closes the curtains. He takes a photograph out of his jacket. It’s of that woman and him on their wedding day.  He flashes back to a night long ago. His wife – in the midst of a breakdown – confronts him at the docks accusing him of having an affair. As he tries to calm her nerves, she shoots him dead, his body falling into the water. Back to reality he puts the photograph away and continues to wander the streets.


Heroes: 4 pages.  While helping his middle school aged son work on a school project about what a hero is, a father realizes that his son is his hero. Before he became a father he was a bit of a lout, and a poor excuse for an older brother and son to his own family. But his son has become an excellent role model for younger kids, and is a great son to both of his parents. He realizes that if his son can do it, he can too.

Sci-Fi: 3 pages. Two tales of time travel told concurrently, that tie into each other at the end. The first two pages are split in half down the middle, and each column tells one of the two tales. In the left hand columns, we see a time traveler in a post apocalyptic future wasteland putting the finishing touches on a time machine. He has discovered that the time machine he built when he was younger created the wasteland. He is going back in time to stop himself from making the same mistake. Concurrently in the right hand columns we see the younger version of the time traveler excitedly completing his first time machine and anxious to see what the future holds. The final page continues the column split except for the final panel, where we see the future traveler arriving too late to stop his younger self and seeing the world start to crumble, realizing that he’s doomed to play out the loop over and over again.

Romance: 4 pages. A metaphorical take on dealing with the past history of a lover and the walls we can build up to keep others away from us. A warrior woman (think Xena or Red Sonja) slices her way through a dense forest towards a tower where a great prize awaits. In this forest, the trees are actually words in the shape of trees. Words like “self-doubt”, and “family pressures”. As she makes her way further in, she slays goblin-like creatures that shout only one word over and over: “Disappointment”. Reaching the tower, she starts to scale it, but skeletons of deceased women warriors who came before her reach out of the ground underneath her and try to hold her down. She makes it past them too and inside to find her prize: her lover who sits crying in a prison of their own making. Her lover looks up and smiles saying, “You found me!”


Western TITLE: What You Need                 LENGTH: Four Pages

Log Line

When a bandit’s escape is curtailed, he comes to realise what is really important out on the frontier.

Main Pitch

We open on the face of a cowboy, his internal monologue listing things needed to survive on the frontier.  They start simple with items such as a canteen, and are overlaid on a flashback of him robbing a general store.  The list becomes more elaborate, including a revolver and a ruthless streak.  The cowboy flees into the desert on horseback, pursued by a lawman who shoots the cowboy’s horse, causing the cowboy to fall to the ground where he returns the favour and shoots the lawman dead. The cowboy, now stranded, looks across the barren desert, and finally lists his now dead horse as his most vital item.

Romance  TITLE: A Look, A Touch                            LENGTH: Three Page

Log Line

The distance between two lovers means less than their inability to touch.

Main Pitch

A couple lie in a field, gazes locked, but not touching.  They reminisce, becoming sombre when their lack of contact is mentioned.  The woman explains distance doesn’t dampen the couple’s bond, just as an electronic voice announces recreational time is over.  They bid each other farewell, and the surroundings and woman fade, leaving the male alone in a windowless cabin, and it is then shown that he’s on a ship in deep space. The man places his hand on a holographic projector, as the woman sits in the field doing the same to her own projector.

Horror  TITLE: Our Fearful Trip is Done   LENGTH: Four Pages

Log Line

A stranded expedition finds that its demise lies in the hands of its expected saviour.

Main Pitch

A sailing ship is stranded in the middle of an ice shelf.  Captions, excerpts from the First Mate’s journal, indicate that it is 1851. Images of life onboard ship, showing the crew eating meagre rations and keeping warm are juxtaposed with a figure stumbling through the snow.  The journal explains that the crew were stranded searching for a lost expedition, and after the Captain struck out for help a crewman claimed visions of ghosts out in the snow.  The First Mate then hears screams and rushes to the deck to find the Captain has returned, but is possessed by a terrible spirit. He has killed the crew, and last thing the First Mate sees is his leader’s murderous face.


Pitch 1 – Crime- An Uneasy Getaway. 3 Pages

The story opens shortly after a furious getaway car chase has begun outside a bank.  The bank robbery has gone bad and the getaway driver is trying to get away from the police with only 2 of his cohorts in the car (1 in back and 1 up front from, here on called Driver, Passenger, and Back Seat).  We learn that a 4th accomplice was shot in the bank and left for the authorities.  As they drive, they argue over the decision to leave a man behind and what to do now that he can finger them if he survives.  As Passenger takes their wallets out of the glove compartment and hands them back, one falls on the seat and opens up to show a revealing picture Driver’s wife, but the wallet is not his and we learn that Back Seat has been sleeping with Driver’s wife. The argument escalates and as Back Seat tries to calm Driver down (putting down the wife, you can get a any girl you want with all the money you have now, etc…), Driver begins to suspect that something bigger is about to happen. A gun is put to his head and he is told to take a new route, towards a suspension bridge leading to a large forested area.   Recognizing he is at a disadvantage, Driver turns turns the argument into more of a heated discussion with accusations flying between the two parties as Passenger tries to defuse the situation.  Realizing he has no other choice, Driver lowers the windows half way and locks them.  He then makes a sharp turn, opens his door and rolls out, sending the car off the bridge and into the water leaving him to look down and watch as his companions are left to drown with all his money.

Pitch 2 – Heroes- Lunch Lessons 2 Pages

A faceless narrator tells the story of her elementary school music teacher and how she created an opportunity that put her on the path to success. As a child in elementary school, she didn’t like to go to music and would “misbehave,” often singing songs in different keys or changing lyrics.  The music teacher, frustrated by the student’s lack of pitch and defiance contacted her parents to discuss the situation. Her parents, confused because she liked to sing so much at home, talked to the teacher who then spoke to the girl.  The girl said she loved to sing but only when she was singing her own songs.  In an effort to motivate her to participate appropriately in class, the teacher offered to start teaching the student composition during their lunch breaks.  The student not only loved the lessons but rushed to the music room three times a week while her friends were getting ready to play outside. Later in the year, during parent teacher conferences, the music teacher requests a conference with the girl’s parents who are expecting bad news.  They are delighted when the music teacher tells them that despite her difficulties in class, their daughter is profoundly talented and suggests they have her learn how to play an instrument at home.  As the narration continues, we watch the family pick out a piano, then a guitar, and later a drum set, all as the girl ages to a teenager. The story ends with the continuing narration over a series of images suggesting the student has gone on to be a professional musician, conductor, mother playing music for her children, and possibly, a music teacher herself.  Our narrator is smiling in each image in a way that implies that it wasn’t the financial gain or fame that made this narrator look up to her teacher, but the fact that she took the time to help her realize a hidden talent that would bring success, stability and happiness into her life.

Pitch 3 – Fairy Tale – A Goodnight Tale. 3 Pages

Each night before bed, a father wishes his daughter good night with a rhyme (“good night eyes, good night toes, good night cheeks, good night nose,” etc…).  One night, while being silly, he adds “good night tail” to the rhyme and his daughter giggles before falling asleep.  The next morning she wakes up and to find a little sprite sitting on the end of her bed. He apologizes and insists that he had to do it since her father spoke the rhyme.  He informs her that if she can make it through the day without anyone noticing, she’ll go back to normal the next morning but is warned that the tail may be very curious.  This task proves to be tricky as the tail has a mind of its own and keeps trying to peek out from under her shirt, spilling her milk, poking students at school, trying to help her in gym class and stealing friends school supplies.  She manages to make it home and through dinner and bath without anyone noticing and when she goes to bed and her dad comes in again to tuck her in, he modifies the rhyme again in a silly way adding “goodnight eyelash, good night mustache,” and we see the sprite appear in the corner of the room with an exasperated look on both his and the girl’s face.



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