It’s time for your next individual challenge, The Three-Page Script.

There are many elements to what we’re looking for in the first Grayhaven Apprentice, but the core of it is…we need a great writer. So this week, we want to see what your writing skills are like when you have very little in the way of restrictions.

For this week’s challenge, each of you is going to write a three-page script around a basic prompt.

That prompt is “Two characters have an argument over dinner”.

– You can pick any two characters, from any property – comics, movies, books, television, or other or your own original creations.

– The argument can be about whatever you want. The script can be as funny or dramatic as you want to make it.

– The script should be done as a standard comic script, broken down into panels.

You will be judged on your story, dialogue, and grasp of the comic format. At the completion of this challenge, at least one of you will be fired. A double firing is coming, but whether it happens this week depends on your projects.

Steve, you have immunity, but if you turn in a script we’ll give you feedback.

This challenge will be due Wednesday, September 4th at 5 PM EST. Good luck.

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