As we’re looking for someone to bring their own unique creative vision to Grayhaven via their own spin-off, this competition is primarily directed towards testing your writing skills. But there are other elements involved in being a successful indie comic creator, and one of the most important is promotional skills. For people to be exposed to your vision, you need to be able to grab their attention. That being said, our Publisher (and fellow judge) Andrew has derived a special promotion-based task to test your skills in these areas. Here’s what he had to say.

“In the world of creator owned comics, and in particular self published creator owned comics, marketing is as important as any other part of producing a book. You can have the greatest comic book ever but if no one knows about it, you won’t get very far. So this week we want to see how well you do promoting and marketing yourselves.

We’re going to judge you based on five tasks.

1. Create a Twitter handle. Team A (or whatever you name yourselves) and Hive Mind. Get the most followers wins.  20%

2. Sell comic books. You will each have a ‘coupon’ code for the store on the GrayHaven site. The coupon code allows for 20% off someone’s total order. Team A your coupon code is ‘Team A’. Hive Mind your code is ‘Hive Mind’. There is a space on both. As orders come in as long as the code is used by a buyer we can read them and keep track of your teams sales. Fair warning, the site will not take orders of more than ten books at a time so people looking to order more will have to do multiple orders. Team that sells the most books wins this round. 31%

3. Get Press. We want people to know about GrayHaven Comics. Getting a site to do reviews or interviews with creators is always a tough nut to crack with time being limited. Let’s see how many interviews and reviews you can line up by the end of the challenge. Given that this is a limited time frame as long as I’m emailed by a site representative or reviewer acknowledging they want to do a review/interview it will count. 25%

4. Facebook Fan Page. Create a facebook fan page for your team. The team with the most fans/followers by will win this round. 15%

5. Visit the website. On Tuesday and Thursday a new chapter of the Horntoad Sam web comic will come out. Team A will take Tuesday and Hive Mind will be Thursday. On ‘your day’ the comic will be posted by 10am est. Promote the heck out of it however you can.  Those who bring in the most hits to the website on their particular day will win this challenge. 9%

There is only so much you can do in a given day/week and we’ve broken each subtask into points. Try to win each round or go for a strategic win in limited categories. Each of those percentages counts for the total percent of points (out of 100) that you’ll get for this challenge. Get more face book fans and interviews and you’ll get 40% but if the other team has more twitter followers and sells more they win with 51%

You are not limited to using the team Twitter or FB accounts to promote. If you are a part of a message board or other organization and can help use your contacts, by all means use it. BUT please be weary of spamming and over promoting. The flip side of marketing yourself is becoming a pain in the butt. If you sign up for comic world dot org’s message board only to beg people to join your FB or buy comics at best you’ll be banned, at worse you’ll give yourself and the company a bad rep.


This week you don’t need to worry about whether we like your title, your pitch or any thing else. You’ll be judged entirely on the numbers.

Given the nature of the challenge we’re also giving you an extra couple days to be judged. We will see where you stand on the FB page, Twitter page, interivews and reviews scheduled and sales by Wednesday, August 21st at 3 PM EST.”







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