When we put the call out for contestants to our first ever comic book challenge the response was overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact that I had to take 2 additional contestants that applied at the exact same time.

Our contest begins with 18 talented men and women who will play through a variety of challenges in order to be last person standing and earn their very own One-Shot published by us.

Very shortly the contestants will be given their first challenge of the ‘season’ and we’ll post the challenge, the final projects and the judges thoughts throughout the week on the site so those at home can witness the proceedings.

For now, though, let’s meet the contestants and wish them luck.


JARED MOORE– My name is Jared, I’m from the Philadelphia area and I love writing. I’ve written for some of the GreyHaven Anthologies and I’m working on my first OGN. I also write movie reviews at and host a biweekly movie review podcast with my wife at I’m looking forward to challenging myself as a writer in this competition.

JEREMY THOMAS–  My name is Jeremy Thomas and I’m a freelance comics writer from Chicago, Il. I currently live in Mesa, Az with my fiance and 4 week old son.  I have been in love with Batman since I was a little kid but didn’t starting reading comics on a monthly basis until the New 52. I have a story that will be featured in “The Gathering”public domain volume as well as a few other projects in the works that I can’t announce yet.  I can’t wait to get this process started and be crowned the winner 😛

JIM O’RILEY- My name is Jim O’Riley and I am a part time freelance comic book artist.  I have recently done some work for Grayhaven comics and other small indy internet work.  You can see some of my work at and in the upcoming Grayhavens Gathering Spies , War, Scifi and Yana anthologies, Deadnemo comics at, as the artist for co editor Byron Brewer.  I also do work for Nova619 a nova fan comic book and am the current artist for Pilot Studios The Carriers… in summary I dont sleep much.  So why take on a writing project?….because that is what happens when I am alone at home on the toilet and the power goes out.    I look forward to being the first person ejected from a virtual boardroom but will bring comic relief on my way out……..bring on the “Trump”.

RONALD MONTGOMERY– I’m Ronald Montgomery. I live in Belleville, Illinois. I’ve done work for FUBAR Press, Outré Press, GreyHaven, and others. Many years ago I was an occasional columnist for Savant, an early online PDF comics mag where Matt Fraction got his start. He brought me on as he left to start his career with AiT/PlanetLar. Thankfully, I think all those issues are forever gone off the Internet. I hope to learn a lot from all of you. If you have sequential works online, please send me a link! Thanks!

MARY MARGARET SHERIDAN– I’m a Canadian writer and painter with a recently revived interest in comics. Last month I published my first short story in a literary anthology, and like some others here, I have contributed a story to YANA. I am also a contributor/interviewer for
Most of my artworks are portraits of companion and sport animals, although I am always trying new arts and crafts. I am currently working to develop my own style for comics art. My website is a bit light on content at the moment (I must find time to upload more photos!), but if you would like to see some of my recent artwork: Joining the Apprentice was pure impulse. I am hoping for a fun learning experience, but yes, Drew, I expect tears, and may soon be bald – if I’m not the first person fired.

GIULIE SPEZIANI– I’m a self published comic book writer. I have a few short comics coming out later in the year and one of them will be in the Gathering Anthology: Paranormal Romance. I live in Los Angeles, North Hollywood to be more specific, and like to read indie comics and zines. My husband and I love going to cons (we maybe on our way to SDCC tonight) and you can check out our website for more info at Can’t wait for the fun to begin!

ANDREW SHAW– Andrew here from Melbourne, Australia. Excited to get this opportunity, and really looking forward to working with you all. I have a story coming up in the YANA anthology. Also have been published by FEC Comics here in Australia, and King Bone Press in the US. Good luck everyone, and have fun!

COURTLAND FUNKE– Courtland (or Court) Funke here. I teach technology at an elementary school in Illinois.  I’ve been reading comics for 30 years but didn’t try to write any until I discovered Grayhaven a couple years ago. I’ve published 1 short story with them and have 3 more coming out this and next year.  I’m not aspiring to change careers but the stuff I’ve done in the last year or two has me thinking about fleshing out some of my ideas and trying my hand at something bigger. I’ve also found that the creative risks I’ve been taking have fueled some of the ideas that I’ve been trying in my classroom.  It’s been a terrifying and amazing experience and I look forward to whatever this competition brings.

STEVE DISHON– I’m Steve Dishon.  I teach high school English, write for WPSuperfanboy website, and am finishing a self-published comic book.  I am looking forward to the challenge and working with everyone.  This sounds like waaaay too much fun to pass up.   Good luck to everyone and can’t wait to work with you.

RYAN CADY– Excited to compete with y’all. I’ve been writing short stories for several years now, mostly horror, getting published in amateur and semipro markets. I broke into comics last year with Arcana Comics’ “Steampunk Originals,” and I’ve been plugging away at scripts since.  I’m an intern at Top Cow Productions in LA, a part time cook, and avid comic reader. I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life in the industry, working with people like you!

LUKE BARNETT– I’ve been learning about and dipping into writing comics for a couple of years now and provided a script for YANA this year. But mostly I’m a high school English teacher in Australia (which will take me away to the snow for a week in August with grade ten students!) Looking forward to Apprentice with everyone!

FORREST HELVIE- No idea what I’m getting myself into here, but it sounded fun!   I’m just making some initial forays into writing for comics (contributor to YANA as well as Red Stylo’s upcoming “Unfashioned Creatures”), but I’ve been writing regularly for Newsarama and Sequart for some time now.   I’m also a prof. at a college in CT, so never a quiet or dull moment!  Anyhow, looking forward to getting to know some of you along the way!

TIMOTHY CONNELLY– Is a writer and editor in chief of the comic book blog, Uru Hammer.

SHANE BERRYHILL– Is an accomplished writer/illustrator who has contributed to GrayHaven Comics and currently is crowdfunding a new project of his- an original graphic novel with James E. Lyle, GAME OF HORROR:

WILLIAM LEVERT– Hailing from Cleveland, OH, William has been contributing to GrayHaven Comics since almost the very beginning, having stories in numerous volumes of The Gathering and an upcoming short in YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

LUCAS HARBOLT–  I’m a creative writing student at Ohio University and have submitted short stories to a few anthologies. I’m new to the comic game but I love the medium and I am very grateful for this chance!

NATHAN KENKEL– My name is Nathan Kenkel, I’m from St Louis. As long as I can remember I have absolutely loved comicbooks, especially Spider-Man. Currently, I have several stories being published in Grayhaven’s anthologies and with other publishers. I am currently (slowly) putting together a business plan for translating and publishing foreign language graphic novels, and tinkering away at developing my own story ideas.

SAM READ– My name’s Sam Read and I’m a GH Apprentice first timer.  I’m based in the UK and though I’ve not got much to shout about currently in terms of output, I have a few things I’m in production, including a short in a forthcoming GreyHaven anthology.  Looking forward to whatever challenges the Apprentice throws my way, and to learning a lot and making some friends. Good luck, one and all.


  1. Chris Dixon July 20, 2013 at 5:29 pm #

    Ryan Cady all the way woooooooooooooooooo!

  2. Boykoesh July 23, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    Jeremy Thomas for the win!!!

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