A Small Update

I know it’s been quiet for a bit but we’re still working. Promise!!!

Len Wallace had a successful crowdfunding campaign for ‘Season One’ of The Zipper Club that he intends to publish through GrayHaven. It’s a wonderful and important story that I can’t wait to see continue.

I think we’ve solved our printer woes. There are a lot of terrific options out there but one company just seemed like the perfect fit for us. We’re in the process of sending them the files for RUN LIKE HELL #1 and THE GATHERING: CRIME so we’ll see what happens. If the books come out like we like we’ll be back on schedule. A newly amended schedule but a schedule nonetheless.

I think we’ve fixed some of the issues in our ordering system. I know I’ve tried to address them all and play catch up. If you haven’t been able to order or worse, haven’t received a book from us please email me at gatheringanthology@hotmail.com and let me know so we can sort that out.

11:59 #2 is coming! Our artist is a proud papa now and once he is able to find an hour to sleep or eat he’ll be back at the drawing table getting the next issue. Thanks for the positive response so far to the first issue. It gets even better from here.

The art continues to come in for YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I was extremely impressed with all of the great stories that made their way into the book but the artists involved are really kicking butt and bringing these stories to life. It’s the most important project we’ve ever done and I think we’re pretty good to go in terms of bringing this book on schedule for September

Victor, Sam and Jermaine are hard at work on TITANIUM STAR. The first issue is in the can and we’re allowing the team to get some more issues under their belts before we solicit these for sale so you can enjoy the story at a much quicker pace. The story, art and colors on this are phenomenal. Can’t wait until you all have the pleasure of reading it.

More to come. Stay tuned!

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