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Tanzanians, Rehema and Idi, celebrate the birth of their new son, but must weigh their hopes against unanticipated fears.  Little Kwasi was born with albinism, and they live in a part of Tanzania where superstition and fear guide the hearts of men.  Those with albinism are not looked upon as people, but instead are viewed as “ghosts”.  They are maimed, mutilated, and killed for their flesh and used as components in spells.  In the home of his parents, Kwasi is safe, but as a scheming Witch Doctor learns of his existence, Rehema and Idi must fight to protect him when the Doctor and his Harvester come for the little one’s white flesh.

This is the story of Flesh of White, a 4-issue color comic series in production by writer Erica J. Heflin (Grayhaven Comics’ The Gathering, Chronographer, Of Wolf & Woman, Mother & Son; Alterna Comics’ The Black Hand) and artist Amanda Rachels (Arcana Studios’ The Book; Inverse Press’ Clown Town).  Flesh of White #1 debuts from independent publisher, Inverse Press, via crowdfunding mega-platform Kickstarter.com in the first week of January, 2013.

Kickstarter allows creators to take funding – AND the projects thus created – directly to the fans!  It’s as simple as signing up, choosing the reward(s) most appealing to you, and setting up secure payment through Amazon.com (EASY – especially if you already have an Amazon account).

For the Flesh of White Kickstarter campaign, Erica and Amanda are pleased to offer a treasure trove of specialty items, unique editions of the book, and incredible opportunities, including:

  • Kickstarter-Exclusive Cover Editions of Flesh of White
  • Trading Cards featuring Key Characters
  • Production Bible featuring Line Art with Accompanying Script on Facing Pages
  • Oversized (10.375” x 14”) “Treasury Editions” of Flesh of White
  • Blank, SKETCH Cover Edition of Flesh of White featuring an Original Sketch by Series Artist Amanda Rachels
  • 11” x 17” Color Sketch Commissions by Amanda
  • Opportunity for Amanda to Draw YOUR 4-Page Story for Publication in GrayHaven Comics’ The Gathering
  • Opportunity to have YOUR 22-page Script Reviewed by former Supergirl and Action Comics writer, Sterling Gates

Erica and Amanda are available for interviews by phone, Skype, chat or email, and promotional and sample art for Flesh of White is available upon request.

CONTACT Erica J. Heflin  • raistlyne@gmail.com



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