YOU ARE NOT ALONE- Submission Info

What can I say? Early response to this was overwhelming. My inbox was flooded with amazing personal stories from people who experienced or feared the very topics we talked about in doing the book.

It quickly became apparent that a single 36 page volume wasn’t going to be able to contain the passion and creative energy that people had for this idea. Alternatives were considered but in the end we have decided to make this an oversized book to allow more people the opportunity to tell their stories.

Submission Details- 

Whether you’ve witnessed or experienced racism, homophobia, bullying, or violence, YOU ARE NOT ALONE and there are ways to seek help.

Submissions about bullying, suicide, depression, racism, homophobia, violence or anything else that you think would fit within this realm would be considered. The story could be based on an experience that you or a friend may have had or witnessed or it could be a work of fiction grounded in tragic reality.

The stories should center on younger characters from grade school to high school and contain a positive message or hopeful solution. While in reality often times these types of stories don’t always have a happy ending we are looking to inspire those who read.

Email me a short (2 paragraphs or less) submission idea about what your story is going to be before January 21st. Submissions end at Noon EST on Monday January 21st.  Please include the story resolution in your submission.

While we hope the stories and information contained in the book will help provide resources and information for people of all ages our main focus is on younger victims and witnesses to these events.

Stories should be 2-4 pages in length. No more, no less.

If you have an artist that is going to work with you (or if you are an artist) let us know in your pitch. If you need someone to illustrate your story we will provide one, so don’t worry.

If your story is accepted for the volume you will be contacted via email by February 7th and the full script for the story will be due within 5 weeks.

We are currently targeting the book for publication in September when the new school year begins.

We want this book to be a valuable and FREE resource to those in need. We will make use of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to increase the book’s initial print run, and cover additional shipping and promotional costs.

While the size of the print run will be limited by costs, the digital edition has no overhead, and will be available to all who want it. Moreover, we can increase the size and scope of the digital edition to allow even more stories.

We’ll be selecting stories for the print version that tackle versatile subject matter in order to cover a broad range of topics.  The digital version will allow for much more overlap.

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