We at GrayHaven have been very fortunate to have seen many of our Kickstart campaigns reach goal and beyond. While our latest effort has ended there are so many wonderful projects out there that deserve your attention that we want to focus on spotlighting a few Kickstarter projects from other creators on a weekly basis. This week we’ll be focusing on STAY ALIVE NOT UNDEAD by Dan Taylor and SEA BREEZE LANE by Trevor Charles.  Please read through these brief interviews and then take some time to follow the links over to their projects to get the full scope of what they’re attempting. You’ll also get their full range of awesome rewards.




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STAY ALIVE NOT UNDEAD is a hilarious concept taking those old public awareness campaigns we used to see in schools and turning it on its head as a PSA for kids for the upcoming zombie apocalypse in the form of a coloring/activity book.

Project creator Dan Taylor has worked on numerous projects for IDW and is the co-creator of Hero Happy Hour. Dan is nearly ½ way to his goal with 9 days remaining in the fundraiser and we want to help him make this project a reality.

GH: What about KS appeals to you as a reader and now as a creator?

DT: Kickstarter is like a really, really great flea market of creative ideas that provides an audience in search of books, comics, films, games, etc…that the regular market can’t or won’t provide. And, as a creator, Kickstarter also allows creative individuals to find that audience for their work that would otherwise probably never see the light of day if the more traditional route had to be taken in order to find a way to have the project funded and produced. For the most part, it’s a win-win for both consumer and creator.
GH: You’ve put out other work before. Why use Kickstarter for this one? What is it about this story that you think is appealing to readers?

DT: A tongue-in-cheek homage to coloring/activity books promoting safety that were distributed to grade school kids some 30+ years ago—but with zombies? What publisher is going to let me do that? Add the fact that it isn’t really directly targeted for kids, but maybe their parents who remember the whole “Just say no to drugs” campaign and McGruff the Crime Dog—and, who also happen to be fans of the zombie genre, and the avenues of traditional publishing options get even more scarce. But, there is an audience for the STAY ALIVE – NOT UNDEAD: A ZOMBIE SAFETY & AWARENESS COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK, and I believe they’re the type that look for original and unique projects on Kickstarter.

GH: What do you think your coolest reward is?

DT: Keeping in the spirit of programs that are targeted at kids to promote safe and awareness, be it traffic, fire, drugs, or even zombies, we devised the C.R.A.Z.E. Junior Officers program—with varying ranks being offered as backing incentives. Backers can essentially become C.R.A.Z.E. (which stands for Community Resources Against Zombie Epidemic—a spoof of the now defunct Los Angeles Police Rampart Division C.R.A.S.H. Unit) Junior Officers with neat perks such as: personalized ID cards and certificates of merit, plastic replica police badges, stickers, t-shirts, authentic uniform patches, as well as the STAY ALIVE – NOT UNDEAD: A ZOMBIE SAFETY & AWARENESS COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK.

The ultimate goal of the STAY ALIVE – NOT UNDEAD: A ZOMBIE SAFETY & AWARENESS COLORING/ACTIVITY BOOK is to not only entertain, and of course, educate about zombie safety and awareness, but to provide an offbeat introduction to a future and much darker project that relates to C.R.A.Z.E.




SEA BREEZE LANE by Trevor Charles


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The story of SEA BREEZE LANE takes place centuries into the future, mankind has left earth for unknown reasons and now it isn’t even acknowledged as being real. David Bell is a young man who knows something isn’t right with the world he’s in and he’s found some evidence to support his suspicions as well as the stories his father told him. David is fighting for the truth, which can be one of the hardest things to do which is what drives the story but all the main characters are seeking something that they will have to determine how far they are willing to go for it.

Project creator Trevor Charles, a high school English teacher, has supported over 3 dozen Kickstart projects and is now launching one of his own. He’s nearly ½ way to goal with 17 days remaining in the campaign

GH: You work as a High School teacher. What made you want to transition to publishing your own comic?

TC: I love my job, I love working with high schoolers getting ready for college but for a long time I have wanted to get my work out there and share it. I’ve always wanted to be a writer but never thought I’d be able to get published but after seeing people like Jason Brubaker of reMIND and the Nate Simpson of NONPLAYER, I know it’s possible, especially in the graphic literature medium.

GH: You’ve supported dozens of projects on Kickstarter. What is it about Kickstarter that speaks to you?

TC: I have supported so many projects 1) because I know how hard these people have worked on it and you can tell in their work and their stories, 2) its exclusive company, yes you want as many people as possible to know about it but when you are the first to know about it or have a hand in making it happen, that’s a feeling you don’t forget and 3) its fresh and its fun and its exciting. It gives people like me an opportunity to be heard and seen whereas the normal avenues are much narrower.

GH: What about this story do you think is most appealing to readers?

TC: I think what people like the most is the difference in setting. People realistically like the same kinds of stories, because even new ones are olds ones with a twist on it. I think having something familiar wrapped in something strange and vice versa are good ways to get people interested in your work.

GH: What do you think your coolest reward is?

TC: I think the coolest reward is the original art or getting to be in the book. Honestly if I could become a minor character in ANY Batman book for 200 bucks, Im totally doing it. I mean seriously I will. I would. (I hope Scott Snyder is reading this : P)




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