This week we hit our Kickstarter goal for Phase Two and now we’re just a few hundred dollars away from making our first stretch goal with about 10 days left in the funding period.

I want to take a moment to talk about our fans and how important their support has been over the years to making our own publishing goals become a reality.

A few years ago I just wanted to prove to myself that I could put out a comic book and with the help of a few dozen friends we did just that. Very quickly that spiraled into another comic and another and soon enough we were holding open submission periods for upcoming books and having to choose between hundreds of wonderful pitches. Soon after that the necessity of bringing editors on board to help manage the increased schedule led Doug, Erica, Glenn, James, Marc, Ray to go all in.

One comic published in 2010.

Five comics published in 2011.

Fifteen comics published in 2012.

I couldn’t have done this without editorial and art and production departments helping. But we definitely couldn’t have done any of this without YOU!

We’ve met or exceeded goal in the last four Kickstarters we’ve done. We’ve had sell outs of many of this year’s issues going to 2nd and 3rd printings on some books. You’ve welcomed us at conventions and visited at store signings. You’ve linked to our web comics and Facebook posts and Tweets and promoted everything we’ve done in a grassroots campaign that’s both amazed and delighted me.

There is a lot of time, effort and expense put into creating and distributing the books and with an anthology format like ours there is never a guarantee that a particular issue or theme will do well so having a successful Kickstarter offsets a lot of those costs. It also allows for us to attend more conventions, fund comp books for retailers and companies and other giveaways. For a small press publisher like ourselves those fundraising results have been critical and the support for the books themselves has enabled us to go out and try different things like the upcoming Phase Two launch.

Over the past several years we’ve put out a lot of comics. I’m even more proud of the fact that there have been nearly 200 creators who had their work published with GrayHaven Comics and The Gathering in that time. Many of them getting published for the very first time. I think that’s pretty cool. And again, the opportunities that they’ve been given…that we’ve all been given are a result of your support. So thank you for the pledges. Thank you for sharing links and retweeting and thank you for buying our books and telling others to do the same.

Don’t ever stop. It’s a small and crowded market where everyone is trying to carve out that one little piece for themselves. Every voice and every retweet is a free advertisement and endorsement of small press and creators and what we’re trying to accomplish.

We still have time in our Kickstarter to raise more money. We have more books coming out and more conventions to appear at. More open submissions coming next year and beyond.

Together we can do it all.


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