BUY THESE BOOKS- 8/29/12 Edition

Doug Hahner/Editor:

GOON VOL 3 #41 (DARK HORSE)-Eric Powell’s Goon is always worth reading. Each issue is usually a stand alone story. The tone of the book can go from deadly serious (check out the amazing OGN The Goon: Chinatown) to hysterically funny (Satan’s Ass Baby comes to mind, but I may not remember the actual title of the book). Powell is a very good story teller, and really sucks you into the Goon’s world. This book is always worth reading.

POPEYE #4 (IDW)- Roger Langridge is a master of writing “all ages” books. And when I say “all ages” I meann all ages. His stories appeal to readers young enough to just look at the pictures to readers old enough to have kids young enough to just look at the pictures. Give this book a look. There will be something in it for everyone to enjoy.

SPACEMAN #9 (DC/VERTIGO)- The 100 Bullets team of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Rissio finish their Sci-Fi/Pulp mini-series. With the exception of his Wonder Woman run I haven’t been a big fan of Azzarello’s superhero work, but Spaceman is Azz in his element. When Rissio is drawing Azzarello’s words there is magic. Come and witness the end of Orson’s journey.

STEED AND MRS PEEL #0 (BOOM)- Mark Waid writes the TV’s Avengers. Check out the original Hellfire Club, and some fantastic art by Steve Bryant. This book promises to be fun, sexy, and action packed

Ray Goldfield/Editor:

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #11 (MARVEL) – Avenging Spider-man has been a mixed bag since the start, with lots of creative teams coming on and off. However, there have been some gems mixed in, and this done-in-one by Zeb Wells and Steve Dillon looks to be among them. It’s a special anniversary issue as Spider-man teams up with…Aunt May? It looks to be a strong character-driven issue for one of Marvel’s most enduring characters.

GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1 (DC) – The legendary Green Lantern creative team of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver is reunited for this special, oversized issue that promises massive changes to the franchise. From the return of Blackest Night villain Black Hand, to the apparent last stand of the title’s lead characters and the death of a Lantern, and the kickoff to the next great GL event, The Third Army. With a new Lantern’s debut right around the corner, this is one to watch.

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL #1 (DC) – This title is cancelled, so I have a feeling that it might slip below a lot of people’s radar. But this issue is by a different creative team, co-written by Geoff Johns and Dan Didio, and promises to have massive spillover into the DCU as a whole. And with today’s announcement of a new Justice League team by Johns/Finch, this issue is likely to have huge repercussions.

MUDMAN #5 (IMAGE) – I’ve always been a fan of high school superheroes. Since Spider-man, it’s been a great genre with lots of interesting twists on the superhero genre. Paul Grist’s unique, offbeat take on the classic tropes is currently one of Image’s best books, with an likable lead character and a bunch of promising mysteries. This talented writer-artist deserves your support, and any fans of Teen Titans or Ultimate Spider-man will not be disappointed.

THE 6TH GUN #24 (ONI) – After a brief hiatus, this fantastic horror-western is back with the launch of a big new storyline. While this title doesn’t get much attention compared to other horror books out there, its mix of wild west gunslinging with mummies, zombies, and the supernatural makes it one of the most unique books on the stands. Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt are putting out a future classic here, and it needs all the support it can get in singles.



Marc Lombardi/Editor:

DEBRIS #2 (IMAGE/SHADOWLINE) – The first issue to Kurtis Wiebe & Riley Rossmo’s love letter to sci-fi action was just as good as promised. What really stood out to me was how different Rossmo’s art looked with a more varied color palette, and it worked very well with Wiebe’s fantasy-influenced tale of gloom and doom on a trash-filled world. Really looking forward to seeing where this one goes after the reveal at the end of the first issue.

GRIM LEAPER #4 (of 4) (IMAGE/SHADOWLINE) – Hey, look…another book written by Kurtis Wiebe! This time he hooks up with Aluisio Santos to finish out the romantic-horror-comedy about a couple of lovebirds who keep dying and being resurrected in different bodies that must find one another to fall in love all over again. Will Lou and Ella finally get their happily every after, or will their decapitated heads over dislocated heels love affair come to a horrific, lonely end? I’m sure looking forward to finding out!

LOCKE & KEY: GRINDHOUSE #1 (IDW) – Even though I’m only reading Locke & Key in trades, I love when the one-shots come out because they fit into the storyline but aren’t dependent upon the reader being caught up with the series. This one is no different as we’re treated to a Depression-era story of gangsters who make the poor choice of using Keyhouse as their hideout after a major heist. Joe Hill is arguably one of the most talented new writers in comics and Gabriel Rodriguez’s art is stunning. This one is a can’t miss and just may get new readers hooked on this series of mini-series.

MORNING GLORIES #21 (IMAGE) – With a cover image that brings about memories of the very first issue of this exciting series, readers are introduced to “The Truants.” This issue opens the door to an all new group of major characters in the book, and I’m excited to see what Nick Spencer & Joe Eisma have in store here. With this series already gaining comparisons to LOST, are these new characters going to be Nikki-and-Paolo-esque failures or like Juliet, Miles and Desmond will these folks bring the book to even greater heights? (Sorry, if you didn’t watch lost, the latter list of characters were really really cool!). Eisma’s art continues to really pull me in with every single issue.

SMOKE & MIRRORS #5 (IDW) – Terry Ward, a stage magician from what seems to be our version of Earth is thrust into a world where REAL magic exists and people depend on it like we depend on technology. What really makes this mini-series quite remarkable is how writers Mike Costa and Jon Armstrong manage to fit an actual magic trick into each issue — one that allows the reader to interact with the story in a very groundbreaking way. I’m looking forward to the showdown between Ward and the Steve Jobs-like wizard who rules the Trade Circle and whether or not Ward has enough…ahem…tricks up his sleeve to be victorious.

For the first time in a long while no real consensus on any of the books but it sure does seem like this is a great week with the collection of titles named above. Which books are YOU looking forward to?

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