“I was not your typical fan when it came to Joe Kubert. I liked his art, a lot, but he was one of those artists I never had much chance to buy books he’d been on. Growing up (and to a point even now) I cared more about characters than creators on superhero comics. I’d read through a writer/ artist I didn’t enjoy on a comic about a character I loved, but I wouldn’t follow a writer/ artist I loved on a character I couldn’t stand or didn’t enjoy. So Joe Kubert usually fell outside my radar. But when he’d do the odd stint on a book I was reading, I remember loving his work. His art always had a look of gritty realism, but he pulled off exaggerated fantasy equally well.
But as well as being an incredible artist, he was also one of, if not the, most important person in comics for what else he gave the industry. The Kubert School of Art.  When I was younger, living in a country where finding a comic was as more difficult than finding a specific grain of sand in the middle of the ocean, I knew about the Kubert School. And wanted more than anything to attend. My drawing days may be behind me, but I will always remember the excitement I felt at imaging myself at that school and learning from one of the greats (being young enough to think he ran and taught the whole school himself, hahaha). Joe Kubert has inspired generations of comic creators, and I have no doubt that he’ll continue to do so for a long time to come.
While I may have moved on to a different path within the comic industry, Joe Kubert not only inspired me to continue working there, but humbled me with the sheer amount he’s given to industry. I have hundreds of comics by Claremont, Bendis, Ellis, Ennis, Robertson, Stan Lee, Jim Lee, even Adam and Andy Kubert, but only a handful of Joe Kubert’s. And yet I can’t think of a creator who, now that I think about it carefully, has inspired me more. I will never reach the same level as him, but if on the day I die I’ve done 1% as much, inspired 1% the amount of people to create comics or taught 1% of creators what I know as Joe Kubert, I’ll consider myself an accomplishment.
Rest in Peace, Joe Kubert. May your accomplishments and inspiration never be forgotten.”
-James O’ Callaghan Writer/Editor

One Response to JOE KUBERT RIP

  1. marc lombardi August 14, 2012 at 2:40 pm #

    On a personal note, Joe Kubert was originally scheduled to attend the recent Allentown Comic Con and the con was going to have an auction in his honor. I was very much looking forward to meeting him (and his sons).

    And then about 10 days before the convention he and his sons had to back out of the show. When a pro drops out it usually means that their deadlines were getting the better of them or that they had a personal conflict. In Joe’s case I was concerned it was his health, especially because his sons also were no longer attending.

    I turned out that this was the case and I’m sad not only for his loss but, selfishly, for my missed opportunity. I know that those of us in the comic community have been saying this each time someone dies whom we admire (Mike Wieringo, Michael Turner, Dwayne McDuffie, etc.) but we really SHOULD take every chance we have to tell those who we admire how we feel while they are with us.

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