Much of the work we’ve put into The Gathering and GrayHaven Comics as a whole comes to a head this Friday. It’s not the end of the road. Far from it.

For the past few months we’ve teased big things coming to this company by way of Phase Two. If you’ve been following some of the interviews on Graphic Policy, Fangirl Cantina and Comics Forge you’ve heard some of the news already.

Phase Two takes what we’ve learned making the Gathering anthology for the past few years and allows us to branch out into longer self contained stories by a single creative team. MOTHER AND SON by Erica Heflin and Elias Martins, a five issue mini series. RUN LIKE HELL by Elena Andrews and George Amaru, a 5 issue adaptation of the hit YA Thriller. There are others we’ve teased and some more will get revealed on Friday. One of those is an ongoing series of minis illustrated by someone who’s been with The Gathering from issue one and is paired with a pro creator who has been very successful as a prose and comic author.

Also on Friday is our last Open Submission period of the year for writers. This is where we announce the last few books to be published in 2013 that are open for anyone to work on. We’ve got some pretty cool books coming out and I think people are going to come up with some great ideas for them.

Lastly on Friday we’ll be launching the final Kickstarter of the year to support the launch of these Phase Two projects. I think we’ve come up with more great rewards than ever before for aspiring pros, retailers and just fans of comics in general. Yes, there will be more critiques from comic pros on both the writing and art side thanks to a large outpouring of support from the comics community.

Remember this is only the end of the beginning. Don’t forget GrayHaven will be at Geek Girl Con this weekend at Booth 204. Stop by and say hello and pick up some great comics while you’re there.

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