Why hello there, artist. You’re looking beautiful/handsome today. I was wondering if you’d like to grab a bite to eat and chat about some upcoming projects?

I’m afraid that’s all the sweet talk I can muster up right now. Thanks to the support of fans, the acclaim from critics and success of Kickstart initiatives we head into the Fourth Year of publishing with a much more aggressive game plan. Not only will there be close to a dozen issues of our Gathering anthology but we’re launching quarterly Horror and Young Reader anthologies, several one shots and webcomic collections and some big big titles we can’t announce just yet. And that means we need artists. A LOT of Artists.

Let me answer the burning question before I go on. Unfortunately, we don’t pay. No front or back end rate is currently in place just based on the volume of creators that work with us and the amount of books we’re trying to get out. All we can offer this time is a chance to work with a great group of editors and writers, deadlines set very far in advance to afford flexibility to do other work and a chance to be published alongside some of the finest creators I’ve ever had the chance to work with.  You and the writer also retain full ownership of your work and the right to reprint the materials. And some comps of your work, of course. Now a few creators that have worked with us on a regular basis have been offered opportunities to do some of their own projects along with the opportunity to earn compensation but they’re few and far between so while I wish I could give everyone what they deserve we’re simply not able to do so at this time.

I’m very proud to have been able to give over 150 creators the opportunity to have their work published for the first time. In some cases, they were able to have their work featured in issues alongside pros like Sterling Gates, John Jackson Miller and Gail Simone. And some of our artists like Cassandra James (Untitled), Mike Lapinski (Feeding Ground) and Brent Peeples (Last of the Greats) have done major projects with other companies.

And if you’re still reading this and have an interest in joining up I’ll give you all the details you need right here. We’re currently looking for artists only on volumes already announced through 2013 which means writers are already attached and we just need artist to work on existing or soon to be existing scripts. If you only do pencils and would need to have someone else ink or letter or color (in the rare case it’d be for a non B&W issue) let us know.

Here are the upcoming volumes with deadlines and editorial contact information. Please email any of the editors with your interest and we look forward to you joining us for an exciting future.

CRIME (2-5 page stories available)
Final art due November 1, 2012.
Editor: Doug Hahner-

PULP HEROES (2-5 page stories available)
Final art due January 1, 2013
Editor: Doug Hahner-

SCI FI 2 (3-5 page stories available)
Final art due April 1, 2013
Editor: Glenn Matchett-

WAR (2-5 page stories available)
Final art due April 15, 2013
Editor: James O’Callaghan-

SPIES (2-5 page stories available)
Final art due May 1, 2013
Editor: Erica Heflin-

TALES FROM THE ABYSS #2 (6 pages- color)
Final art due November 1, 2012
Editors Glenn Matchett and Erica Heflin  and

TALES FROM THE ABYSS #3 (6 pages- color)
Final art due February 1, 2013
Editors Glenn Matchett and Erica Heflin  and

3 Responses to ARTISTS: WE WANT YOU!

  1. Eddie July 18, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    I’m in. Expect an email soon. Very impressed with how far you’ve all come in such a short amount of time in an insane market like this.

  2. Tyler July 18, 2012 at 10:04 pm #

    Very cool

  3. Jason July 19, 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    Gonna give it a shot. Sounds like a great place to be a part of

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