Who is the Best Robin?

One of the more controversial moments of SDCC was the comment that Tim Drake (former Robin, current Red Robin and leader of the Teen Titans) was never really Robin in the DC’s New 52.

Personally, I don’t care enough about continuity in Big Two universes to worry about it but I am curious as to which Robin our readers feel is the best.

DICK GRAYSON: The original boy wonder. Grew out of Bruce Wayne’s shadow and became Nightwing. Served as Batman several times while Bruce was incapacitated and then returned to the Nightwing identity.


JASON TODD: Pre Crisis origin similar to Grayson. Son of two circus performers who were murdered. Taken in by Bruce Wayne. Post Crisis was a car thief turned unstable Robin. Got killed by the Joker during an infamous 900 # poll. Resurrected because he’s awesome. Now uses the alias The Red Hood


TIM DRAKE: In the wake of Jason’s death, figured out Batman’s identity and fought to become the new Robin as he believed ‘Batman always needs a Robin’ to keep him balanced. Detective skills rivaling Bruce Wayne’s. New costume lost the short shorts and boots. Now fights crime as Red Robin. Though post New 52 may have never actually been Robin



STEPHANIE BROWN: As Spoiler, daughter of the villain Cluemaster, she dated Tim Drake. When Tim and Bruce had a falling out Bruce replaced him with his girlfriend in his former roll. Lesson: don’t ever screw with Bruce Wayne. Brown later died in the role but it turns out the death was faked. Later became the new Batgirl (in a wonderful series pre New 52 by the way). Currently Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again and Steph Brown is nowhere to be seen in the New 52.



DAMIAN WAYNE: Bruce Wayne’s biological 10 year old son and never misses and opportunity to point this out to the former Robins. Took on the Robin identity when Dick Grayson was Batman briefly. When Bruce Wayne returned as Batman, Damian remained Robin fighting crime together as father and son


CARRIE KELLY: In an alternate future depicted in the classic Dark Knight Returns, Carrie Kelly adopts the Robin identity to assist an aging Bruce Wayne in his war on crime


6 Responses to Who is the Best Robin?

  1. Erica July 16, 2012 at 9:49 am #

    Andrew’s love of Jason Todd is evident both in his commentary and the choice of the photo that shows off Jason’s sexy sexy legs.

  2. Jason Snyder July 16, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    While I always knew about Dick Grayson as the first Robin, Tim was the Robin I grew up reading about. The kid is not only a great fighter, but he is also an excellent detective; he also had to fight to be Robin whereas the others were asked to take over or just given the mantle. He’s also the only Robin to ever have any form of self-titled series (three miniseries, one self-titled Robin ongoing lasting nearly 200 issues, and another twenty-something-issue series as Red Robin). Dick has had several successful series as Nightwing, Jason now has a series as the Red Hood, and Steph had a great series as Batgirl, showing that the others are BETTER as other characters. Tim is the perfect Robin.

    • George July 16, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

      My thoughts exactly. Tim was always my favorite and I loved reading about the friendship he built with Conner Kent/Superboy, pre-New 52.

  3. Ray Goldfield July 16, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    Dick Grayson is the best character to ever wear the Robin suit. But Tim Drake is the best Robin.

    Honestly, though, this decision sort of makes sense. Robin, at the core, is a sidekick role, and Tim Drake was rarely a sidekick. He was the only Robin to have his own solo title. Most of his adventures weren’t at Batman’s side. He was his own hero from the start, even if his costume was that of a sidekick.

  4. Ruby July 16, 2012 at 6:40 pm #

    I think Dick Grayson was the best Robin because I think he works the best with Bruce, Tim (as Raymond pointed out) has always been his own hero and his own person a bit more then Dick, I feel Robin is an extension of Batman so Dick in my eyes did a ‘better’ job. Also, Jason Todd kicks ass and I am now going to leer at his sexy, sexy legs.

  5. Tyler July 16, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    There’s only one Robin on the list that was a victim of a reboot. There’s only one Robin here that by popular demand was brought back to life by Jeph Loeb and Judd Winick. There’s only one Robin here who put a smack down on all of the others and would use any means necessary to clean up Gotham. Jason Todd all the way.

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