BUY THESE BOOKS- 7/18/12 Edition

A smaller week than most but some real gems just the same. Let’s go:


Ray Goldfield/Editor:

CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (MARVEL) – I was a huge fan of last week’s Avenging Spider-man issue that served as a preview of sorts to Carol Danvers’ new ongoing series. Kelly Sue DeConnick has a very light touch with the character, creating one of the few series from either company that promises pure, old school superhero fun. Carol Danvers under her pen reminds me a bit of a female Hal Jordan, and I can’t wait to see where her solo series goes.

DAREDEVIL #15 (MARVEL) – Last issue had one of the most shocking cliffhangers I’ve seen in a series for some time, leaving Daredevil literally senseless and trapped behind enemy lines in Latveria. Originally a very clever, well-executed street level comic, Mark Waid has broadened the scope of Daredevil and created one of the best superhero comics on the stands right now.

FABLES #119 (DC/VERTIGO)- This is a mid-arc issue, but there’s no time like the present to recommend this amazing storyline. Fables was spinning its wheels for a bit, but the current arc, “Cubs in Toyland” may be the strongest the book has been in years. A creepy tale involving Bigby and Snow’s children (who are pretty much the only kids in comics who both act like kids and manage to be strong characters), it’s like a twisted take on Toy Story that blends fantasy and horror.

SUPERGIRL #11 (DC) – This has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the New 52 so far, giving us a Supergirl who’s more of a fleshed out character than she was in the previous run, with a combination of sweetness and edge and the perspective of a new immigrant coming to Earth. Mike Green and Mike Johnson have given her a new supporting cast and a strong rogues’ gallery, and this issue promises her first date on Earth. As a massive Supergirl fan, this book is pretty much perfect.

WONDER WOMAN #11 (DC) – A title that’s been struggling for a loooooooong time, Brian Azzarello has breathed new life into Wonder Woman by making her a player in an epic struggle of the Gods. Grounded in classic Greek mythology but thoroughly modern, this new arc brings the main villain of the run, Apollo, to the forefront. While creators like Gail Simone and Greg Rucka have done strong WW runs in the past, this may be my favorite take on the character.

Andrew Goletz/Publisher:

THE ACTIVITY #7 (IMAGE)- Nathan Edmondson is one of the very best writers working in comics and this series has been absolutely phenomenal. This issue lends even more credibility to the incredibly realistic special ops series with some co-writing assists from actual Navy SEALs.

RACHEL RISING #9 (ABSTRACT STUDIOS)-  Simply the best ongoing comic being published right now. No excuses, just buy this book.


Doug Hahner/Editor:

CONCRETE: THREE UNEASY PIECES (DARK HORSE COMICS)-If you haven’t been reading the new Dark Horse Presents, this One-Shot collects the new stories that Paul Chadwick did for the anthology. These stories fit right in with the other stories Chadwick has done. A must read if you’re a fan of the character.


DARK HORSE PRESENTS #14 (DARK HORSE COMICS)- One of the best anthology series on the market. With new stories beginning and ending just about every issue, all issues are great jumping on points. This issue features the start of a new story by Michael Avon Oeming.

Marc Lombardi/Editor:

DAREDEVIL #15 (MARVEL) – There’s good reason that this is the Eisner Award winner for best continuing series. Mark Waid has been doing an amazing job, which explains why I’m reading a comic about a character I never particularly liked. With art by Chris Samnee, this issue has Daredevil being hunted down in Latveria after an escape and he’s doing so without all of his senses. It may not be my favorite series, but it’s certainly one of the best ones on the market.

RACHEL RISING #9 (ABSTRACT STUDIOS) – It’s a great week for comics, and that’s made even more so with another fantastic issue of Rachel Rising by Terry Moore. The eerieness of the story so far has been amplified in recent issues and now Rachel isn’t the only one who seems to have a hard time staying dead. We are promised that “Rachel takes creepy to whole new level in issue #9” and I’m almost afraid to see what that means. If you’re not reading this comic you’re missing out on something really special.

SAGA#5 (IMAGE) – Speaking of special comics, after only the first four issues I can tell that Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples are crafting something that is going to not only receive genuine critical acclaim but hopefully will also be around for a long, lone time. This issue states that “Prince Robot IV’s hunt for Hazel and her parents takes a deadly turn” and the carnage has been pretty bad so far, so that’s saying something. This visually stunning series is funny, witty, smart and jam-packed with brilliant dialogue. If you liked Firefly, then you’ll love Saga.

SKULLKICKERS #16 (IMAGE) – This issue is part four of the “SIX SHOOTER ON THE SEVEN SEAS” storyline, which not only has provided readers with the origin of Baldy and his gun but also has progressed the book with a hysterical nautical adventure with pirates, maidens and monsters. The creative team of Jim Zubkavich, Edwin Huang and Misty Coates have been awesome from the start, so there’s no reason to believe that wont continue.

WONDER WOMAN #11 (DC) – A brand new story arc and this one sounds great! Apollo, is a foe that we haven’t really seen since his introduction in the earliest issues of the series. and he is going to make a play for Zeus’s throne. As the solicit states “WONDER WOMAN is the last obstacle in his way!” Brian Azzarello was brilliant with stuff like this on 100 Bullets, and I love that he’s brought that storytelling sensibility — along with a slight horror twist to boot — to a title such as this. Cliff Chiang’s art has been growing on me with each passing issue, so this one is always one of the first books that I can’t wait to read each month.

In a week that covers all the bases, RACHEL RISING and  WONDER WOMAN are the most anticipated by the GrayHaven staff. So tell us what YOU are looking forward to this week?

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  1. Gary Hogan July 17, 2012 at 10:14 am #

    This really is the best Fables has been in awhile. Outstanding stuff.

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