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A couple new #1s from Dark Horse and Image as well as the next chapters of Batman’s Court of Owls and Spider-Man’s Ends of the Earth and another Before Watchmen release. Let’s see what the GHC team picked as comics they’re most looking forward to this week.


Ray Goldfield/Editor:

BATGIRL #10 (DC) – Gail Simone has been doing a great job on the return of Barbara Gordon since the beginning of this series, balancing superhero action with a surprisingly deep look at Barbara’s Survivor’s Guilt as she readjusts to a life out of the wheelchair. This issue promises to introduce Knightfall, Batgirl’s personal arch-nemesis, and Gail has been known for creating fantastic new villains in the past. Remember Junior? Shudder…

BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE #1 (DC)- Darwyn Cooke hit the launch of Before Watchmen out of the part with Minutemen #1, but that’s not his only role in this event. He’s also writing this mini, with art by the fantastic Amanda Conner, focusing on the youngest member of the Watchmen crew. It’s legacy heroes and teen angst against the backdrop of one of the most turbulent times in US history, with Cooke at the helm. Can’t go wrong here.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE: LORD OF NIGHTMARES #1 (DC/Vertigo)- Survival of the Fittest brought us Vampires vs. Nazis, as well as the shocking death of a major character and major status quo changes for another. Now, this sequel – with art by Dustin Nyguen of Paul Dini’s Batman runs – dives back into that mythology, pitting the survivors against one of the deadliest vampires of all time. Scott Snyder has yet to disappoint on this series, and this mini looks excellent.

PLANETOID #1 (Image)- Sometimes a concept just grabs you right out of the gate. This new Image launch, featuring a grizzled ex-soldier stranded on an alien planet with killer robots, pursued by bounty hunters, is one of those concepts. Writer/Artist Ken Garing looks to deliver a wild, action-packed sci-fi adventure in this miniseries, and my experience is that very rarely does a new Image launch disappoint. Give this one a shot.

ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #13 (Marvel) – It’s been a while since this title was buzzworthy, but if anyone can return Ultimate X-Men to the glory days, it’s Brian Wood. Set in a post-apocalyptic world that makes the regular MU look hospitable to mutants, Brian Wood’s run looks to focus on Kitty Pryde as the reluctant freedom fighter for her people. Given how good Wood is at writing dystopias (DMZ) and young female characters (The New York Four) this might be a good chance for lapsed Ultimate readers to jump back on


Andrew Goletz/Publisher:

BATMAN #10 (DC)- The latest chapter of the Court of Owls story from one of the best super hero comics on the stands.

BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE #1 (DC)- Last week’s Minutemen comics was absolutely incredible. I expect nothing less from the first issue of Silk Spectre.

DANCER #2 (Image)- The first issue was my favorite debut of May and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

PLANETOID #1 (Image)- A new Image #1 usually means great comics and this one has a very cool hook.


Marc Lombardi/Editor:

BATMAN #10 (DC) – I feel like this is always on my list and for someone who is deep down not a “Batman guy” that’s a heck of an accomplishment. This is the issue in the Night of the Owls storyline where Batman goes on the offensive and takes the fight to the Court of Owls. That’s all I need to know to be excited about this issue.

COBRA ONGOING#14 (IDW) – The story is titled G.I. JOE UNDERGROUND and the summary stated that “a rag-tag force of ex-villains and damaged heroes takes the fight to the darkest corners of the world, under the vigilant eye of Flint!” That personifies everything that I love about Mike Costa’s take on the G.I. Joe universe.

INCORRUPTIBLE #30 (Boom Studios) – The final issue of what has been a fantastic series. What began as a great accompaniment to Irredeemable quickly became for me my favorite of the two tales. Following Max Damage’s exploits and his motivation for these past two and a half years has all led to this point and based on how Irredeemable ended, I can’t wait to see what Mark Waid has in store for the final pages of Incorruptible.

PLANETOID #1 (Image) – Another week and another brand new, intriguing creator-owned comic from Image. This one comes to us from Ken Garing, whose name was dropped during the Image Expo announcements alongside the biggest names in the business. This futuristic, alien and post-apocalyptic take on man vs. machine is ramped up tenfold and has me just as excited as those other talented names that have preceded him.

SKULLKICKERS#15 (Image) – This is arguably one of the most entertaining and consistently comical comic series on store shelves. The real cover to the issue is such a huge spoiler to recent events involving the origin story of Baldy and his gun that the preview image is of a CUTE KITTEN. The issue promises “heinous violence, trouble making and all the skullkicking you can handle.” And it’s why I love this book so much!


Glenn Matchett/Editor:

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #687 (Marvel)-The epic Ends Of The Earth comes to a conclusion and I can’t wait to see what Spider writer Dan Slott has for us in the closing chapter. The odds seem insurmountable and Spider-Man must somehow defeat the Avenger’s in order to save the world. Also I want to know who Mysterio is because it’s not Quentin Beck, don’t care what they say it just isn’t.

BATGIRL #10 (DC)- A new arc and a new villain for a title I’ve been enjoying quite a bit. There seems to be a bit of a mixed reaction to the title but I’ve found it very enjoyable thus far. I look forward to seeing what else writer Gail Simone has up her sleeve as we slowly work our way towards the 0 issue which will no doubt tell us how Barbara got out of the wheelchair.

BATMAN #10 (DC)- It’s Scott Snyder’s Batman. Don’t think I need to say any more.

BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE #1 (DC)- It’s the second of the Before Watchmen minis and last week’s seems to have been very well received. This one is also written by Cooke but this time drawn by artist Amanda Conner who is absolutely perfect for this title. We focus on the only female member of the Watchmen cast here and I’m very interested to see more of her and her mother. Out of all the heroes in Watchmen we probably saw the least of Silk Specter’s past apart from her obvious connection to the Comedian and such. Plenty of room for new stories here and perhaps some new revelations also.

SCARLET SPIDER #6 (Marvel)- It’s been an enjoyable ride so far in this new title showing a very different Spider-Man and how he treats criminals. Very interested in this issue cause it features Kraven the Hunter and as Spidey fans know these two characters have a secret history that I’m looking forward to seeing be revisited.


James O’Callaghan/Editor:

AMERICAN VAMPIRE: LORD OF NIGHTMARES #1 (DC/ Vertigo) – Scott Snyder’s creator owned series gets its second spin-off mini series with Lord of Nightmares. I’ve actually done everything I can to remain spoiler free on this one, so I don’t know anything about it. Other than it’s vampires written by Scott Snyder. It’s going to be incredible

BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE #1 (DC) – I almost didn’t want to include another Before Watchmen book despite the fact that they ARE going to be one of the most eagerly awaited books for me every week they’re out. But after last weeks incredible debut with Minutemen, there wasn’t a chance in hell I wasn’t going to be foaming at the mouth to get my hands on the next book in the series also written by Darwyn Cooke. And while he might not be drawing this too, Amanda Conner’s art is always incredible to behold too.


MASSIVE #1 (Dark Horse) – Brian Wood is not a creator I always enjoy, but when he clicks with me he really clicks. And based on the preview stories from Dark Horse Presents, this series is going to be something really strange and pretty engaging. A story about environmentalists after the world has pretty much ended is definitely an interesting idea, and one that promises some pretty incredible visuals I’m sure. If DMZ was anything to go by, this has a lot of potential.

PLANETOID #1 (Image) – If there is one thing I love seeing, it’s a creator owned book with a creator pulling double duty on writing and art, especially when the art looks as gorgeous is it does in this book. It’s the story of an ex-soldier turned space pirate, trapped alone on a planet in alien territory. I’ll be honest, this book crept up on me out of nowhere. I didn’t even see a preview of it until today. But I can safely say that this will be at the top of my reading list next week. And I hope it’s high on most peoples too

TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE #6 (IDW) – I always feel a bit bad repeating books I’ve included in these lists so close together, but it’s hard for me not to include this issue of Transformers since it’s finally bringing the spotlight back to Optimus Prime. Or Orion Pax, as he’s now known (again) as in the comics. Longtime TF fans will know that Orion Pax was Prime’s original name before “killed” and rebuilt into Prime in the original cartoon. The name has now made it into the comics, with Prime reverting to it as he no longer feels he deserves to be a Prime. One thing that bugs me about Transformers comics is when they write out Prime and Megatron so often. So seeing Prime return is welcome, and hard to not look forward to.


PLANETOID #1 and BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE #1 lead the way with 4 picks a piece and 3 for BATMAN. Pretty solid week all around. Let us know if we missed anything.

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