BUY THESE BOOKS- 5/23/12 Edition

There are a lot of great comic books coming out tomorrow. The staff of GrayHaven has picked out the ones we’re most looking forward to. Let us know if we missed any.
Ray Goldfield/Editor:
BATMAN INCORPORATED #1/DC – The final chapter of Grant Morrison’s 6-year Bat epic returns this week, as the next of DC’s Second Wave titles. While Morrison’s take on Batman has always been controversial, it’s also been extremely unique, and I’m looking forward to seeing how all these diverse plotlines merge and come to a conclusion. The excellent art by Chris Burnham doesn’t hurt at all either.

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #9 /DC– Out of all the Robins, Tim Drake has sort of gotten the short straw in the DCnU, being confined to Teen Titans while his “brothers” all got a spotlight series of their own. That’s why I’m particularly looking forward to this done-in-one tie-in to Night of the Owls, written by Judd Winick. As Red Robin returns to Gotham, it’s our first chance to get a true spotlight for the third Robin, and arguably the most popular.

I VAMPIRE #9/DC– The best thing about these lower-tier DC titles is that they have a lot more freedom to turn the status quo upside down at the drop of a hat and really shock the readers. That’s why I’m so excited about this issue – because last issue, our hero, Andrew Bennett suddenly defected to the villains’ side and became King of the Vampires! Whether this is all a feint or part of a larger plan, I don’t know yet. But the unpredictability here is part of what’s making it one of my favorite DCnU titles.

THE UNWRITTEN #37/DC – After the huge conclusion of Tommy Taylor and the War of Words, and last issue’s trippy Mr. Bun side story, the main story finally resumes in what’s arguably Vertigo’s best title. This unique, complex saga combining the tropes of Harry Potter with a unique look at the power of fiction has been one of Vertigo’s biggest surprises in the last decade, and I have absolutely no clue where it’s going next. But I can’t wait to find out.

GODZILLA #1/IDW – While the previous Godzilla series may not have been to everyone’s tastes, this relaunch by Duane Swierczynski and Simon Gane promises to deliver exactly what we’re all here for – giant smashing monster action. The preview art has been nothing short of amazing, and the team seems to capture the scope and terror of what Godzilla is all about

Andrew Goletz/Publisher:

MIND MGMT #1/Dark Horse Comics– Matt Kindt, the acclaimed indie creator of Super Spy and occasional pinch hitter on Sweet Tooth writes and illustrates this story of a reporter investigating a flight where all aboard lost their memories and the conspiracy at the heart of it all.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS #3/IDW– A stage magician from a world where magic is real meets a young boy from ‘our world’ and nothing will be the same. Mike Costa won accolades for his modernization and real world portrayal of GI Joe in COBRA and here he teams with real life magician Jon Armstrong and artist Ryan Browne for this terrific fantasy story. And it is terrific. My kids usually only read Walking Dead or Justice League but they’ve been captivated by the world created in this book…and the magic lessons in every issue.

YOUNGBLOOD #71/Image– Basically the first issue of the Extreme relaunch issue of Youngblood so it has multiple things going for it. 1. Virtually every new series Image puts out of late is Quality stuff. 2. The Extreme relaunch books (Prophet, Glory, Bloodstrike) have been amazing. 3. John McLaughlin (screenwriter of Black Swan and Parker) is the writer. 4. Up and comer John Malin teaming with original creator Rob Liefeld on art. This one can’t miss.

James O’Callaghan/Editor:

MIND MGMT #1/Dark Horse Comics – I haven’t had a chance to read anything by Matt Kindt, but fellow editor Doug Hahner has spoken quite highly of him in the past, so I’ve been eager to check something of his out. Mind MGMT is an espionage series that about a journalist who stumbles onto a story that involves “weaponized psychics, hypnotic advertising, talking dolphins, and seemingly immortal pursuers” as she tries to track down the missing passenger of a plane on which everyone has lost their memories. Pretty intriguing story in my opinion. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

FABLES #117/DC Vertigo – I’ve been fairly critical of Fables in recent years. I think it lost it’s way quite a lot during the period shortly after the final battle with the Adversary, and the Great Fables Crossover and into the whole Mr. Dark storyline. The comic went from being my all time favourite comic each and every month to one I sometimes let build for a few issues before reading. It’s really starting to pick up again though, with the focus returning to the Bigby, Snow and the cubs. There’s been a prophecy about the cubs hanging over readers heads the last couple of years that seems to be starting to come more into focus (though only the last 6 months or so if you hadn’t been lucky enough to read the San Diego Comic Con special one pagers that were given out to panel attendees a few years back) so I’m eager to see how things turn out for the cubs.

UNWRITTEN #37/DC Vertigo – Funnily enough, this is the book that took over from Fables as my favourite book for quite a while. It’s starting to hit a slow patch, but is still as enjoyable as ever. There’s been quite a lot happening in the book recently, with a story arc just having concluded which resulted in the disappearance of one of the leads, a lot of revelations about the histories of several of the villains of the book, what Leviathan is (a mystery for much of the book’s run) and our annual issue focusing on Pauly “Mr Bun” Bruckner, who became a hit after his first foul mouthed anthropomorphic appearance in issue 12. This issue is going to be starting a new arc, and while I’m not sure where things are going to go from here on out but I’m guessing it’s going to be nothing but brilliant stuff.

YOUNGBLOOD #71/Image – This is on my list, not really because it’s one of my most eagerly awaited issues of the week. Because frankly, it isn’t. But I am very interested in seeing how the series is handled. The recent relaunch-continuations of the Image books have been a mixed bag, mostly falling on the excellent side of things. And while I have no connection to the comics of the past (I never read the original Image runs), I’ve heard enough about them over the years that I want to see what all the fuss, good and bad, has been about.

IRREDEEMABLE #37/BOOM! Studios – This is another weird one for my list this week, because I’m actually fairly far behind on reading this. But whenever I do read it, it’s one of the most brilliant and original comics I have the pleasure of reading. Waid’s take on what would happen if Superman went ballistic ends this issue, and of the issues I’ve read, I can’t say there was a single bad issue in there. Now that it’s finished, I’m going to sit down and finish out the run (I fell so far behind I figured I’d wait once I heard it was concluding) and I can safely say I’m going to be sad to see a month come with no more Irredeemable.


There you have it. Seems like THE UNWRITTEN, MIND MGMT and YOUNGBLOOD get the most love from our crew this week but there’s a lot of  stuff out there we’re looking forward to.

2 Responses to BUY THESE BOOKS- 5/23/12 Edition

  1. marc lombardi May 22, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    I forgot to send mine in so here are my five picks for this week:

    Chew #26 (Image) – Love this series. Love the art. Love the writing. And I love all of the pictures of cats from readers in the letter column!

    Cobra #13 (IDW) – If this was what G.I. Joe comics were like when I was growing up, I may have tried to join the Army.

    Near Death #8 (Image) – Jay Faerber & Simone Gugliemini have created a fantastic series, and Faerber has become a “must buy” writer for me.

    Rebel Blood #3 (Shadowline/Image) – I’m really loving what Alex Link and Riley Rossmo are doing with this mini-series and the payoff is just around the corner.

    Smoke & Mirrors #3 (IDW) – Mike Costa is another one of those “must buy” writers for me, and the inclusion of a magic trick in each issue is less “gimmick” and more “integral and awesome” than I ever would have imagined.

  2. Brian May 22, 2012 at 10:55 pm #

    No Marvel books? I guess Daredevil and Fantastic Four didn’t come out this week.

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