BUY THESE BOOKS- 5/2/12 Edition

So apparently people loved this feature last week so we’re doing it again. Hopefully you’re buying the books we’re recommending as well. Here we go:


Ray Goldfield/Editor-

DIAL H #1/DC – Some of the best books of the new DCU have been more offbeat ones, like Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and I Vampire. This addition to the Dark line of books, by novelist China Mieville and artist Mateus Santolouco, looks to be a promising brother in spirit to those titles. A revamp of the silver age property “Dial H for Hero”, details are thin on this title, but the creative team alone is more than enough to get me excited.

EARTH 2 #1/DC – The marquee launch of Wave 2 in the DCnU, this is the first glimpse of the Multiverse. Broadening our view of the new DCU, and bringing back a long-missing character in Helena Wayne, this comic has been gaining a lot of buzz. While a darker alternate Earth than some might have liked, this kind of huge, sweeping story is exactly what James Robinson excels at, as we see in Shade, and it’s been too long since Nicola Scott had a regular book on the stands.

GI COMBAT #1/DC – While previous military titles “Men of War” and “Blackhawks” came and went very quickly, this new addition to the 52 looks to have a bigger scope and more genre elements. A revival of the offbeat DC properties “The War that Time Forgot”, “Unknown Soldier”, and “Haunted Tank” (with the latter coming soon in backups), it’s got dinosaurs, ghosts, and battles aplenty. When it comes to comics, maybe it’s time to “Give War a Chance”!

THE SPIDER #1/DYNAMITE – Dynamite is having a mini-boom at the moment, with this and the excellent launch of “The Shadow” in April. David Liss exploded onto the scene with some of the best Marvel Comics of 2011, including Black Panther and the sensational “Mystery Men”. Honestly, I’m not familiar with the original Pulp hero this comic is based on, but Liss has yet to miss, especially when he gets the chance to relaunch a Pulp hero from the ground up like this, and the preview art by Colton Worley looks excellent.

SWEET TOOTH #33/DC – Jeff Lemire’s creator-owned Vertigo epic is coming off its most harrowing arc, which brought us a new villain, many reveals about the world they live in, and a powerful ending. So this done-in-one breather issue, done in the style of a children’s book, should be a welcome change of pace. Lemire’s done issues like this before, and they’ve all been excellent. This title often gets overlooked compared to American Vampire or Unwritten, but it remains one of Vertigo’s best


Andrew Goletz/Publisher-
DIAL H #1/DC Comics– China Miéville is an incredibly talented novelist whose name has been connected to DC Comics since a one off on Hellblazer and rumors of a Swamp Thing run were first teased over a year ago. Instead Miéville is updating the cult favorite series about a normal person who gains a different super power each time they dial H-E-R-O. Mateus Santoluoco’s art looks like it has that great mix of offbeat and creepy to go along with the concept.

MIND THE GAP #1/Image Comics– Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men) paired with Rodin Esquejo (Morning Glories) together on a new ongoing that follows Elle Peterssen, a young woman who seems to be in the center of a vast conspiracy where anyone is a suspect and no one is who they seem. Also, the main character is in a coma.

SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #1/DC– Bryan Q Miller, whose Batgirl run a few years back was one of comics’ best super hero books, period…and Pere Perez team up on this comic book continuation of the popular television series. Much like the various comic spinoffs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer DC is hoping fans of the show follow the adventures of Clark and company now that he has become Superman.  As a huge fan of the show, this may be the book I’m most looking forward to this week.

THE SPIDER #1/Dynamite– The debut issue of the new Shadow series was one of the best offering of last month. I expect David Liss and Colton Worley’s take on The Spider (one of the great pulp characters of all time) to be no less amazing.

X-O MANOWAR #1/Valiant Entertainment– If you’re on any form of social media you must know that Valiant is back and with a vengeance. The first launch is X-O Manowar one of the most popular characters from Valiant, from the team of Robert Venditti, Cary Nord and Stefano Guadiano. Apparently the book’s advance orders will place it as the #1 most ordered comic not from a company named Marvel or DC and that’s quite an accomplishment. Get on board for all the fun now.


Marc Lombardi/Editor-


DAREDEVIL #12/Marvel – Speaking of rotating artists, Chris Samnee is doing his take on Mark Waid’s highly-entertaining version of hornhead. Very rarely can you say “fun” and “Daredevil” in the same sentence and have it not be about something at the circus. I’m interested to see how what happens now with the still unresolved Omega drive storyline since the 3-issue tie-in with Spidey & The Punisher was essentially a waste of time.

EPIC KILL #1/Image – This one has it all: mercenaries, hitmen, an ass-kicking teenage assassin and political intrigue, all wrapped in a “brand new Image series” bow. I can’t think of a new #1 issue from Image this year that hasn’t wowed me. Rafael Ienco’s Image debut with Devoid of Life was a very well done horror story, so I’m intrigued to see how he handles the superhero genre.

HACK SLASH #15/Image– Fewer things in life make me happier than a new issue of Hack/Slash as it’s one of my top five comics currently in print. This issue wraps up the current storyline, which has been moving the series along very well and is being billed as a status quo changer. When Stan Lee says that I figure whatever happens will last a few issues, but when Tim Seeley says it I know someone is going to die.

MIND THE GAP #1/Image – Jim McCann is definitely a writer who is on the rise and the art, from MORNING GLORIES cover artist Rodin Esquejo (with colors from Sonia Oback), looks positively gorgeous. I love thrillers that are set in a believable world with unbelievable events so this new Image series is right up my proverbial alley

ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #10/Marvel – It’s nephew vs. uncle…Spider-Man vs. The Prowler. Bendis has really drawn me into this series and has me enjoying a Spider-Man comic for the first time in over a decade. David Marquez did a great job on art the last issue (although I wish they’d settle on one artist for more than two issues) so that’s an added bonus.

Glenn Matchett/Editor-


EARTH 2 #1/DC– Anyone that knows me well will know that I’m a bit of a sucker for alternate realities. This title seems to be really interesting and is dealing with some material that Johns will also be dealing with on the main Justice League title. Kind of regretting not ordering this months back but I will look forward to reading it once its collected. This could be a really interesting title as you’re getting all of your favorite DC heroes but in a way you’re not used to seeing. Are they villains? Why are they in different costumes? Who exactly is under Batman’s mask? Really interesting questions and I’m betting modern comics legend James Robertson and artist Nicola Scott will be leading us on a very interesting quest for answers.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #685/Marvel- ‘Ends Of The Earth’ nears its conclusion and I’ve really enjoyed this story line. Writer Dan Slott has been building this story since all the way back in Amazing Spider-Man 600 and it hasn’t disappointing. The question of Doc Ock’s true motives and his eventual fate are still to be resolved but I’m sure Slott and artist Humberto Ramos will not disappoint. Other writers would seemingly bury this title for their own ends but as we march towards the landmark 700th issue Dan Slott is showing us why Amazing Spider-Man can easily still be the best book starring the character available.
James O’Callaghan/Editor-
FURY MAX #1/Marvel – A welcome addition to Marvel’s line of books. I actually enjoyed Ennis’s last Fury MAX series a bit, though it had problems. So considering we’re losing Fury in the regular MU to Sam Fury Jackson Jr, I can’t wait for this.

MIND THE GAP #1/Image – I’ve loved pretty much everything Jim McCann has done that I’ve read, so this new series from Image is one of my most eagerly awaited comics of the last few months. The artwork looks amazing too.

THE SPIDER #1/Dynamite- I’ve loved every comic David Liss has written so far, so this is an easy pick for me. I’m not a huge fan of pulp heroes, but considering how well he’s written Golden Age superheroes at Marvel I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

SWAMP THING #9/DC – Scott Snyder’s crafting one of the most memorable runs on Swamp Thing ever, using established history and building an incredibly creepy horror story. A must read for anyone who likes well thought out horror comics.

X-O MANOWAR #1/Valiant Entertainment – I never got to read the original Valiant Comics, but I’ve heard nothing but praise for them over the years. So once I heard about this relaunch I became pretty damn excited.


There you have it. A lot of great looking comics coming out this week but apparently our team is most excited about the always surefire Image debuts with MIND THE GAP #1, the Valiant relaunch with X-O MANOWAR #1, more pulp greatness from Dynamite with SPIDER #1 and DC’s Second Wave launches with EARTH 2 #1 and DIAL H #1 both getting some votes.

Enjoy your trip to the comic shop

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