Submissions are Now Open for New Volumes and a New Kickstarter Campaign!

Hey Everyone,

Time to celebrate the Spring season with a plethora of new books for creators to submit to as well as launch a new Kickstarter campaign to help keep all these fantastic projects going.

You can find out all about our latest Kickstarter here:

There are some great rewards to choose from for pledgers who help the cause so please share the link wherever you can. We’ve been able to expand a lot quicker than we ever anticipated thanks to the successful funding of our previous campaigns and this one is no different. Thank you for your support.

Now onto the new books.

Check out the submissions page on the site for all the particulars on how to pitch and where to send them but here’s a taste of what we have coming up this time around.

THE GATHERING: I, SPY- Everyone loves a good spy story. Now we’re looking for yours. We’re looking for cool characters, creativity and some interesting stories that can be told in a limited amount of pages.

THE GATHERING: SCI FI 2-  Over a year ago fans voted overwhelmingly for us to do a Sci Fi book. Contributors came out in full force when submissions were opened for the volume and now that the book is available for ordering it’s nearing a very quick sell out. Going back for one more round of Science Fiction stories was a very easy decision to make.

THE GATHERING: WAR- What is it good for? Hopefully some very interesting stories. These can be stories based on actual historical figures or creations all your own in a historical context or even (if you choose) a completely fictional scenario all around.

HEY KIDS: FANTASY– Magic. The Supernatural. Swords and Sorcery. Just a few examples of the types of stories that could be told. Do you have the next Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter in you? Let’s give the Young Readers some new heroes and heroines to look forward to reading.

TALES FROM THE ABYSS– Our full color, ongoing horror anthology will have a couple more issues open. This round is for issues 4 and 5 of Tales.

A NIGHT OUT One-Shot- We’re not going to be revealing much about this volume at this time except to say that it will be a bit different from other books we’ve published in the past. To pitch to this volume we want you to send us a short paragaph (no more than 250 words) on your most interesting or best night out that you’ve ever had.

LIMITLESS- DARK 2–  There is no theme for this one. We’re just looking for the best 2-5 page stories that you can come up with that have a little bit of ‘edge’ to them. This doesn’t mean we’re looking for anything over the top in terms of sex or violence but this volume allows for creators to thinking beyond the limits of a particular theme or content restrictions.

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