Gathering Reviews and Interviews

When we started self publishing The Gathering two years ago I was hoping to put out quality comics that people would enjoy. As we go to print with issues 8 (Sci Fi) and 9 (Fairy Tales), close out another Kickstart and are in the midst of another Open Submission period I thought it’d be cool to link to all the various reviews and interviews over the past few years.

Being a small self published anthology I’m always grateful when people take the time to read our books and comment on them. Fortunately not only are a lot of people starting to check out the books, but they’re enjoying them. My thanks to those who’ve supported us to this point and I can’t wait for you to see what comes next.

Gathering Volume 1: Hope

Gathering Volume 2: Despair

 Gathering Volume 3: Heroes

Gathering Volume 4: Horror and Gathering Volume 6: Horror 2

Gathering Volume 6: Horror 2


Interview with Suvudu

Interview with Girls Read Comics

Interview with FanGirl Blog


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