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Thanks to projects like Kickstarter and Indy Go Go, creators have been able to fund their projects in a way that they were never able to before. Books have gotten published and creators have had their big breaks due to the support and effort from the people.

Right now there are 4 days left in our latest GrayHaven campaign. Thankfully, we were able to meet our goal in under 24 hours but every extra dollar we raise we keep so keep it coming. The success of our first Kickstarters have enabled us to get very aggressive with our publishing plans and we have much to do in the future.

But we also want to spotlight a few other projects that we think deserve your attention, as well. And remember, even if you don’t have the ability to pledge right now just posting the link and referring people to the projects can be a huge help


Our friends Amanda and Kevin over at Inverse are Kickstarting to put out a collection of their wonderful Clown Town series. It’s a great comic from two extremely talented creators who happen to do a lot of work for The Gathering as well. They also have some great rewards for those who pledge so give them a look.

A cool project of note is Ninjasaur, the trade paperback collection of an All Ages webcomic about a Ninja Dinosaur with guest pinups from Guy Davis, Art Baltazar , Mike Maihack and more

There’s also an interesting All Ages comic called Steamfunk, a mix of punk, western and fantasy with a dash of Wizard of Oz thrown in.

Lastly there’s a great project that was brought to my attention in a post by Gail Simone. Here’s what Gail had to say about The Alchemist’s Easel
“In 1988, Al woke up completely blind. I can only imagine what an experience that must have been for an artist. Not only was he blind, he found he was losing his visual sense, he forgot what his family and friends looked like, even simple shapes started to elude him. This happened twice that year, for a period of three months, each time. This book is a beautiful, disturbing, powerful, and heart-rending chronicle of that experience, that not only tells Al’s story, but makes you FEEL like you experienced it as well. It includes art he drew while blind, and new art to encapsulate those troubling times in his life. I will just say this, I have never experienced a portfolio of someone’s book that affected me so strongly. In the middle of a busy convention, with people all around and me behind schedule, I couldn’t stop looking at it. It’s nightmarish and moving and inspiring. It feels like the pages are reaching up to grab you. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen.” Check that project out here:


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