Thanksgiving Week Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

For the next 4 days we’ll be offering The Gathering Volumes 1 (Hope), 2 (Despair) and 3 (Heroes) for only 1 dollar each

If you haven’t checked out the first few issues of our self published anthology or just want to stock up on extra copies for friends and family now is the perfect chance to do so but the offer ends Monday at Midnight so don’t delay.
For this offer Paypal us directly at  Cost is 1 dollar per book plus 1.75 US/ 2.50 Canada shipping per order for 1-6 books. Double shipping cost for 7-12 books, etc. Email me direct at if you have any questions.




Our newest issues are also still available (for cover price) at Comixpress

Volume 4 (Horror)

Volume 5 (Romance)

Volume 6 (Horror 2)

Ever After #1
Get caught up on every issue of The Gathering before we go monthly in 2012.



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