Building the Page – 2

by John Coker

Last week I ended the first edition of this wee little column with these words-

“Well, that’s Panel 1 of Page 1. Next week…

So okay then, let’s get to that… Let’s start with what the script called for with panel 2:

This is the flashpoint event, where the sun burns out. Not sure how you want to show this, but I was thinking we could either: 1) take the first panel and just do a negative panel of it. Or 2) draw an explosion. Or 3) a series of four to five panels showing the sun, the sun exploding, the alien life forms emerging, etc.

What I love here, is that Jason (Hissong, the writer) is giving me options. I like having an either or, so what do I do? All of them. Why? Because I’m an idiot. But mostly because I can, and with no real difficulty or extra effort. Now, in the last column, I said that these pages will all be four panels per. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are four large main panels per page, but some of the large main panels will have smaller panels or insets within their borders, this will be how I convey action and motion in this particular story. So I start with our previous panel-

I then invert the colors, giving it the look of a negative, as Jason suggested in option #1. I also put a fragment blur on it, for no particular reason, other than I just think it looks cool-

So now we have options 2 and 3. “Draw an explosion” and “a series of four to five panels showing the sun, the sun exploding, the alien life forms emerging, etc.” Well, option 3 takes care of option 2, so that’s what I do, with a lot of negative space surrounding the four mini-panels-

I then delete the interior of the panel that surrounds the mini-panels, crate a new layer, and then paste the new panel over the negative version of panel one-

And now we have our finished panel #2, using all three of Jason’s suggested options.

Next week I’ll cover both panels 3 and 4 to wrap up Building The Page for Page One of DOCTOR BRICK BRAVERY: SPACEMAN in WORLD ENOUGH.

One Response to Building the Page – 2

  1. Arion November 14, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

    I’m loving this “behind the scenes” insight.

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