New Webcomics

To say our webcomic experiment earlier in the year was a success is a massive understatement. KID ROBO, DEcomPRESSIONism, DARING SPECULATIVE FICTION and AOI SAYONARA all quickly became fan favorite strips that had readers returning day after day to check out the latest chapters our talented creators had to offer.

The initial 26 week run of those strips has been completed. KID ROBO and DARING will return next year for ‘Season Two’ and DEcomPRESSIONism will conclude it’s story beginning this week.

For now the power is in your hands. Over the next  5 days we will be launching numerous new webseries, each getting a 13 week tryout period. The most popular strips as determined by your clicks (comments help drive the hits, btw so don’t hold back posting) will come back  for full runs along with the ‘Season Two’ returnees.

Today begins a new chapter on the GrayHaven Comics site with the debut of our first two new webcomics. FRAGMENTS by Tim Nakayama and Jay Penn will update every Monday morning. SKITS will update every Monday afternoon.

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