50 Hours Left to Kickstart and One Final Professional Review Offer

To say that our latest Kickstarter fundraising effort has been a success is an understatement. We obliterated our goal weeks into the campaign. But there are a couple of days left and a few more chances to add on to that incredible total which will open up even more opportunities for up and coming writers and artists looking to get published.

One of the more popular rewards has been to have your comic book script or finished book reviewed by a professional. We’ve added one more and this time it’s an opportunity not just for aspiring comic book fans but for all writers. Glenn Greenberg, former writer and editor at Marvel Comics and now editor at Scholastic Inc is offering to critique a comic script, book or submission to Scholastic for the lucky pledgers who choose that reward option.

It’s another amazing opportunity for up and coming writers to get their work professionally critiqued so if you’re interested, act quick because time is running out and the rewards are limited



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