To say that our 3rd Kickstart Campaign has exceeded expectations is an understatement.

We achieved our initial goal in under a week and within two weeks doubled that goal. Now with 18 days left to go in pledging, we’ve passed the 3000 dollar mark.

Thanks to the hard work of our staff and fans on getting the word out there along with great support from comic professionals like Gail Simone and Fabian Nicieza who have offered script and comic reviews as ‘rewards’ we’ve done something really special here.

All who pledge have access to stories from current and upcoming issues and an exclusive opportunity to pitch to next year’s FAIRY TALE volume. And some of our rewards range from the previously mentioned script reviews to sketches, a chance at your own webcomic run and 5 page story in the book.

The dollars continue to roll in and there is no cap to what we are allowed to raise. Please be sure to pass the link around wherever you are and encourage friends, family and stranger to support our initiative. Thank you, in advance

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