The 2011 Kickstarter Campaign

We’ve done this a couple times before with varying degrees of success so let’s try it again.

GrayHaven Comics and The Gathering is trying to raise money via Kickstarter to help fund the costs of putting out this great publication. Printing costs, promotional materials, giveaways and con appearances all add up. We have a lot of wonderful themes coming up in future issues like Romance, Science Fiction and Western and the quicker we can raise money the more likely it is the books will come out without any major delays.

There are some terrific incentives for those who do donate. Free books, sketches and cameo roles in future Gathering stories are just a few. This year we’re also offering people the opportunity to create their own 5 page story in the book of the choice and even the chance to do one of our 26 part web comics.

We have four issues under our belts and no intention of stopping anytime soon but we do need your support. If you can donate, even a few bucks, we appreciate it. If not, please pass the link around often and everywhere for the next 45 days as we seek to hit our goal. We’re trying to give up and coming creators the opportunity to have their work published (in some case for the very first time) and we need your help to do so.

Also, if you haven’t yet gotten them, the first three issues of The Gathering are still available through this site.

CRITICAL ACCLAIM for The Gathering “….The styles of the stories vary widely and so do the concepts, from very realistic settings to superheroes but the compliment each other despite such diverse work…Emboldened by the success of their first volume, they’re already putting together more and are open to submissions for those, in case you have any ambitions similar to the impulse that created this comic in the first place.

Aint it Cool News: “It’s a safe bet you’ll find something that strikes a chord with you on some emotional or intellectual level. There’s a strong independent voice coming from this one. Here’s hoping there’s enough support for more issues of THE GATHERING.”

Gail Simone (Writer of Secret Six and Birds of Prey): “First, there’s no trash in the book. So no worries. And there are LOTS of gems. There’s real potential throughout the book and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of these people end up doing a lot more comics. I hope they do….LOTS of these pieces would not be out of line in a pro book amongst veteran creators.”

Weekly Comic Book Review: “Ultimately, the question you may have to ask is: do the best pieces make up for the worst. Thankfully, you don’t have to ask this question today (or at least, I don’t), as the newest volume of The Gathering delivers an overall solid effort from all its contributions…”

KID ROBO will return tomorrow with an all new chapter, along with DEcomPRESSIOnism

Have a  Safe and Happy 4th of July, Everyone

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