Submissions Close This Wednesday

Hello everyone.

Thank you for the overwhelming interest in next year’s volumes of The Gathering. I was expecting to be bombarded with pitches, but did not expect to have quite that many sent in. I’ll be reviewing these for awhile.

Some folks have written in asking if there was still time to send in pitches and the answer is yes. We’re extending the deadline until midnight on Wednesday, May 11th.

Writers, this will be your last chance to submit stories to The Gathering until we prep our 2013 issues next year so if you have an idea, get it in.

Submissions will still be open for artists for the forseeable future.

Again, some helpful advice for increasing you’re submission’s chances:

– Keep it short. Just because 5 pages is allowed doesn’t mean your story needs to be padded to fill them all. Sometimes less is more, particularly when we’re trying to fit in as many great stories as we can

– Be original but not crazy. We’re not going to do 100 ‘High Noon’ shootout stories in Western or cute animal stories in Yay but that doesn’t mean you need to stretch the premise of the theme so much that only David Lynch could appreciate it.

– If you have an artist, let us know. We have plenty of interested artists looking to work on future volumes but letting us know ahead of time if you need or don’t need one will cut our work down considerably.

– Make sure you’ve read the book. We have three issues out over the past year. It’s easy to tell on some of these pitches that the creators had no familiarity with the book they were submitting too. It’s also a show of  courtesy to have invested in the book you’re submitting 15 different stories to.

– We don’t own Batman, Jedi, Deadpool or the characters from Twin Peaks. I’m sad to even have to list this as a rule.

– Are you ‘Following’ the Happy Chances blogspot? This isn’t a requirement as much as a friendly nudge in the right direction. You can follow them here:

Submission information can be found here: 
FYI, the forms button only allows you to choose from last year’s volumes. We’re aware of the problem. Just select a random volume and include the Volume you’re looking to submit to in the body of the email.

Good luck to everyone!

2 Responses to Submissions Close This Wednesday

  1. Dave Baldwin May 11, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    Random Question, totally unrelated to the new submissions but I have a few questions about deadlines for the Mythology issue. When is the deadline for sending in the script to the pitch you accepted, and who do I send it too?

    I have to ask because I was more or less finished ages ago, but I decided to wait before I sent it. Some computer problems recently deleted the script or something so I’ll have to re-write it, which should not be much of a problem but I need to know those things.

    Sorry for asking this here, I don’t know where else to ask.

    • AndrewG May 11, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

      Here are the deadlines for all issues

      Volume 5: Romance- Scripts Due April 15th. Finished Art Due June 15th.
      Release Date: August 2011

      Volume 6: Horror 2- Scripts Due April 30th. Finished Art Due August
      15th. Release Date: October 2011

      Volume 7: Myth- Scripts Due July 31st Finished Art Due October 31st.
      Release Date: December 2011

      And all scripts should be sent to me at

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