The Gathering Volume 3: Heroes Now on Sale

This double sized edition of The Gathering features over one dozen talented creators telling longer form stories (7-8) pages all with a heroic theme of some sort. Not necessarily costumes or powers in all of these as some teams went outside the box for inspiration on the Heroes theme.

I’m proud to say that this is the first edition of the comic that really feels like what I always wanted the anthology to be including an editorial, letters pages, a 5 page preview of another great small press book called Clown Town as well as nearly 60 pages of original comic stories from the many talents contributing to the issue. All for the low cost of only four dollars.

– Please bear with us while we do some site maintenance to get the proper ‘buttons’ up for ordering.

– Temporarily, this will be the link to order any and all copies of Volume 3 until we have it properly set to the side of the page.

– Please include 4 dollars per copy for every issue of The Gathering plus $1.25 shipping in the US or $1.85 shipping for outside the US on all orders under ten copies. For any orders over ten, please inquire and thank you for choosing The Gathering.

One Response to The Gathering Volume 3: Heroes Now on Sale

  1. Doug April 27, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    I hope everyone who orders the book enjoys it.

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